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Good morning everyone, I’m having a problem, which I’ve already tried every way and setting to solve.
My Roon is installed in Synologoy, everything works fine with it.
The problem is in the Library, I have a CD collection (physical) and approximately 4500.
Well, I leave the CDs easily searchable and physically searchable, I separated them in my living room, on a shelf per box, in each box depending on the capacity between 50 and 80 CDs.
I started ripping all of them on these boxes and taking them in Flac to Synology.
Inside Synology I also made the folders follow the same order as they are physically.
Well what happens, I don’t know why Roon keeps replicating some albums within the library.
The example I showed in the photos, in Box 1 I have 58 CDs but Roon doubled it and shows me 75 CDs.
I took due care when ripping, each CD is properly separated, as if it were an album, physically and what is inside the folders is exactly the same thing.
The problem is in the way Roon finds and shows, replicating things and showing more than he should.
There are also cases where Roon takes just one song from the CD and separates it as if it were another CD, but the digitized album is in just one folder.
Has anyone noticed this or know how to resolve it?

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Maybe several albums have been split into several due to contradictive metadata (e.g. different primary artists, wrong disc numbers or alike). The different DR calculation of the 2 albums hint that the tracks are not identical.

Did you try marking the 2 same albums and merge them into one?

If that happens many times, you might want to check basic tags such as album artist and disc number with a tag editor. It helps automatic identification by roon.

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Thanks for helping. I did this on some albums but for some reason they got lost.
Now this is the issue of ID Tags, is there any good program that can do an analysis and suggest corrections? Another thing I noticed that could be causing this is the synology cache, I believe roon is confused, as the cache could take a while to download.
I noticed that some things go back to normal, not everything, when I restart the NAS.
I completely turned off the Synology cache to see if that improves.
But I still think that the TAG problem may also be getting in the way.
I don’t think it’s just a problem.

I had a similar problem recently. Also using a Synology NAS. I have a small collection, only about 864 albums. One day while looking at the albums view I noticed that they were duplicated. ROON was reporting 1748/864 albums. I tried rescanning and that didn’t help. Finally, I restarting the ROON service on the NAS and that seems to have fixed the problem.

Mostly. From the home view ROON reports I have 864 albums. When I go into the album view it reports 862 albums. I have noticed in the past that the number of albums might change even though I know I haven’t added or deleted anything. Not sure what’s causing these issues. Hopefully, they will be cleared up in a update soon.

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Yes, this is exactly what also happens here, now one question is, are you using an exclusive cache drive on Synology? I’m testing now without the cache drive.
I think roon should have an option to obtain what is inside the folder and catalog it as a single CD. He keeps trying to invent…

I am not using the Synology cache. I set up an SSD module in the NAS as another volume and run the Roon server and database from there. My music is on a couple of 6TB HDs.

Can you share a screen shot of the location of 1 track on each of these albums?

On the very right of a track in Roon, select the “…” menu and select “View file info,” which looks something like this:

Just a couple of pointers for box sets , if you are not already doing this. The same applies for single disc albums apart for folder naming.

Use an external tag editor to fix the tags before dropping into the Roon Watched folder . MP3Tag is free and good.

  1. Make the album name the same in all cases =“Box set name”
  2. Make Artist the performer by Track
  3. Make Album Artist = Various Artists if several but same for all [album artists]
  4. In your folder structure use a Master folder for the Box then sub folder for each disc named CD1, CD2 etc NO additional text (IF Roon sees “CD3 - Nice Jazz Music” it will assume a separate album and split it off
  5. Make sure the Disc # for the CD is the same and matches the folder name eg CD3 Disc # 3

Hope this helps.


Thanks for helping. Now today I arranged all the CDs in the Library etc… in a moment everything was 100%.
What I saw was exactly the number of CDs in each box, everything was checked and matched exactly with the physical.
Then a couple of hours pass and Roon decides to do things on his own… and then changes some CDs… separating some tracks etc…
I go there and fix everything… some more time passes… he decides to mess everything up again… and changes other CDs… that’s really crazy.
I understand that if there is a problem with the TAGs, it should have been there at the beginning when I imported it and not do it later…
I think support should put some option on a CD once imported and if you’ve checked it and everything is ok, you could make a mark that wouldn’t allow Roon to make any type of modification anymore… Anyway, who knows, someone from support read what I am writing and resolve this issue.
Today I put everything in place 3 times and Roon goes there after a while and decides to change some CDs… that’s really annoying.

Just to let you know, I’ve been working with computers for 30 years… since the DOS era, it’s not a question of experience, I work with databases and I know how it behaves. This is a roon database problem, poorly done. Just for information, today I cleaned the entire room, practically a new installation and I slowly added the CDs into folders and checked everything… it wasn’t simply done without criteria. Because most of the time users complain, someone from support comes to say that the guy doesn’t know what he’s doing. It’s not my case.

We know that Roon does periodic updates and rescans libraries , what we don’t know is how often. It is not uncommon to find additional metadata especially on new releases , presumably data available now that wasn’t at the time of adding to Roon originally . Your experience does seem a bit extreme

I have only really experienced the odd change in folder artwork

So, please tell us the full story of what you did, because your experience is unusual, to say the least.

Did you follow @Mike_O_Neill’s advice exactly? And did you start again with a fresh Roon database, or just re-added the albums to the existing database?

And I just noticed that I don’t think you’re talking about “box sets” here in the usual sense? So then I would look at the metadata - what are you using to rip the CDs and do you check the quality of the metadata after ripping?

If Roon is splitting albums, it means that it hasn’t been able to identify the album from the metadata properly, and this is usually down to an issue with the metadata itself.

And a further investigation shows that your example (Women: The Best Jazz Vocals) is in fact a 2CD album - so indeed this is a “box set” and should be ripped and stored in folders following Roon’s naming convention for proper identification.

I don’t think that this is a “problem with the Roon database”, but with your metadata and folder structures.

Unfortunately, that’s not true.

This is a bug that first appeared with Build 1390 in April 2024 and unfortunately hasn’t been fixed yet. (The bug has been acknowledged as known by roon!)
Every day!!! I have a different number of albums that are split. Merging the tracks into one album fixes the problem for this album, but later splits other albums. Roon has recognized all albums in the past and handled them correctly.

That’s an issue with Various Artist albums - and it might well be the case here, but it will also happen with box sets that haven’t been stored with the correct folder naming structure.

Well here’s the explanation, it’s not a problem with me but with Roon, it also doesn’t only happen in collections, I had a case with a single artist. I think this should have already been resolved by Roon, as it is an expensive service and one of Roon’s main functions is exactly the organization of the Library. I had iTunes for many years and this did not happen with the files. If this has been going on since April, we have been without a solution for 2 months. Now if it worked well before, why don’t they come back with something that didn’t cause any problems??? This is really making me upset with Roon.

Well, there’s something even more curious, at times it shows that there are 6 problems with the CDs in a given batch… then I fix one… then I fix the others, when I get to this batch I would have to merge or correct these 6 … he simply says that there is no problem, the problems disappear… this behavior is very strange.

When you ask if I did a new installation, I cleaned the entire library and removed all the folders where the CDs would be. Then I inserted these folders again. The question is, do you think you should remove Roon from Synology and do a new installation? Would it be this ? And then a backup made if you bring it again, wouldn’t the problems return? Or is it correct not to use a bakcup and start all over again? But also as said by the colleague above, there is a problem in the build since April that is recognized by Roon and has not yet been fixed, so trying to fix this if it is a Roon problem, will not do much good.

This is a specific issue with some compilation albums (in my collection with 192 Compilation albums, not a single one has been split). I would suggest that you look again at your metadata and folder structures. Perhaps give some more examples so that many hands can perhaps make light work in your case…

I can share that one thing that seems to cause problems on compilation albums is when the artist field contains the label “Various Artists,” whereas it’s fine for them to have the album artist as “Various Artists.”


yes… that could be. But as another colleague said above, there is a problem that has not been fixed by roon since April. Now I’m not going to go through 4500 albums because Roon has an unresolved problem. They are the ones who have to fix this first before wasting my time with their problem.