Roon Emotiva PT1 DAC?


I recently purchased new Emotiva PT1 preamp with integrated DAC. I am streaming Roon using raspie as endpoint. Roon will not recognize the raspie endpoint when connected to the PT1. However if I connect raspie to Topping E30 dac Roon will recognize the raspie end point. Any thoughts on how to make the PT1 work with Roon?

Direct connect it to the Roon Core. See if it can be detected.

If you use Windows for Roon Core, you need to install its driver.

Thanks that makes a lot of sense. I was unaware the Roon core needed the driver. I figured the driver update would need to in the endpoint Ropieee software.

I will try this tomorrow and report back.

Only Windows need a driver.

I downloaded the Windows driver for the PT1 to my Roon Core (desktop). I plugged in the PT1 directly to the Roon Core and it was able to recognize the PT1 DAC.

However if I switch back to streaming from the Pie to PT1, Roon Core will not recognize the Pie as an endpoint. So downloading the Windows driver didn’t resolve the issue. I would think the Pie would need some update from Roopiee. Appreciate any suggestions.

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No mention of Linux support only Windows and mac

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