Roon enabled DACs

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I’m currently using a Meridian MS200 DAC as an audio zone device. I believe the Meridian 218 controller has a built in DAC that is also Roon enabled. Can you guys confirm the 218 as Roon enabled and also recommend some quality Ethernet DACs as potential options? Maybe you have a list somewhere.

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The Matrix Audio Element X DAC/Streamer/pre-amp uses the ESS Sabre 9038 DAC chip. It supports ethernet, wifi, usb, SPDIF (coax/toslink), and I2S inputs. The manufacturer claims it is Roon-Ready. As far as I’m concerned, that is an accurate claim.

FWIW, here’s one review:

Retails for ~$3K new. has a 365-day return policy.
MA has similar products with fewer features, at lower price points, using different DAC chips. I don’t know how many of them might be Roon-Ready or support ethernet.

Yes the 218 is fully Roon enabled.

Thank you very much for the details guys.

Hello @Fritz_Rey,

The Meridian 218 is a “Roon Tested” network device, meaning that it will appear as an audio output in Roon and is capable of being grouped with other zones of its type (in this case other Sooloos zones).

For the best experience with Roon, we recommend using a “Roon Ready” device. Roon Ready devices run our RAAT streaming protocol and can be grouped together seamlessly across manufactures. You can also group them with “local” zones like a USB DAC connected to your computer.

It should be noted that Roon Ready devices cannot be grouped with Sooloos devices. However, one of the advantages of Roon is the ability to play independent streams to Roon Ready and Sooloos zones from one interface, even if they aren’t grouped/in-sync.

For a full list of Roon Ready devices, check our Partner Devices Matrix page.


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Excellent information John.
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I notice that you are also talking about Meridian 200. According to my resller, it was Roon tested and nog it’s nog Roon Ready.
How can I if if it’s Roon Ready?