Roon Endpoint and Initiating Playback

I have just installed a Roon Endpoint with a Pi and an Allo DigiOne to a Schiit Modi 3 (Roon Core running on a Synology).

If I initiate playback with the Roon App on my iPhone to this endpoint, will I be limited to the iPhone only being able to stream CD quality? Or is the iPhone simply acting as a remote to initiate playback.

Would this be the same if I simply played to the endpoint from my Mac using the Roon App?

Hi Jerry,

You are correct-the iPhone or Mac would only be functioning as remotes here, the signal path is Roon core>Allo DigiOne. You can confirm this by clicking on the pulsing light seen when playing music in the app.

Terrific. Thank you! And if I were to use the Plex App to send files to the Allo DigiOne, where do I define that path and I assume that would also be capable of “beyond CD quality”.

What OS did you install on the Allo? The Roon remote app needs to be used on your device to play music. If using Plex you’re outside of the Roon ecosystem-you cannot use Plex to control Roon.

Yes, of course. Understood about Plex and Roon. The Plex can stream using something called “Direct Play”. Just was wondering if it was DAC aware.

I thought the Allo DigiOne tophat was plug and play and did not require an OS? Using RoPieeeXL on the Pi.

Ahh, Ropieee is your OS. By default Roon doesn’t meddle with the audio file unless you enable DSP. If using the Allo then I’m assuming the output is coax. I don’t think there’s a way to recognize the DAC with this setup, this would only happen with the Rpi connected via USB.

Terrific. Thank you, Alejandro.