Roon Endpoint with Flirc

Can someone help me with Flirc an RPi4 with Roon? I am running a Raspberry with Ropieee ad an Endpoint for Roon, and like to add Flirc. Can someone help?

Check out the Ropieee guide from our exquisite member @Nathan_Wilkes, and read on from chapter IV point 1d) - that should get you there…


Not sure what you mean by Flirc. Do you mean a Flirc case for the RPi4?

I referred to the Flirc USB IR-Remote receiver…

Do you have the Flirc USB dongle? You need that, a spare remote and a PC on which you can program Flirc.

Something like OSMC Remote Control - OSMC is what I installed a few years ago, which does not require setup. Just plug it in and set in the RoPieee web gui.

And I can just plug this into my RPi4?

Yes, it comes with a USB dongle and remote and works with no setup.