Roon + Euphony - beginner questions

Hi, my current setup is:

  • Intel NUC running Roon ROCK
  • Synology DS418 with offline music (FLAC files)
  • TIDAL subscription
  • Raspberry Pi with SPDIF HAT and LCD display running Ropieee

I’m very happy and everything works fine.
However I’m hearing that Euphony can enable better sound quality (whether is true or not, not judging :slight_smile: )

Anyway I’m thinking to give it a try but I have no idea how to “add” Euphony" to this setup.

Should I follow Euphony procedure to create bootable USB, stick it to Intel NUC and install?
What happens with Roon ROCK running on the NUC then?
Will Euphony overwrite Roon ROCK or will it somehow live together?
Once installed can I still use Roon app on iPad to play music (via Euphony) with my RPi running Ropieee?

Euphony is another music server, so you cannot add it to Roon. You can either try it on another NUC or replace ROCK on the NUC with it, but that would delete Roon. ROCK cannot co-exist with any other software, it is an appliance.
Roon app on iPad only works with Roon.

You can however install and use Roon on an Euphony server

I have read somewhere that Euphony can somehow run together with Roon. But not sure how to do it. So I need to replace Roon ROCK with Euphony on my Intel NUC. And then what should else should I do?

It has Roon server as part of it. I suggest you read up on their site and forum as to how it works if your interested in it. Can’t say it will be much better as Rocks optimised to run Roon Euphony isn’t.

Try. Enjoy. Have fun. But do note…

Roon recommended deployment is Core away from listening position and use a network attached Audio Endpoint (Roon Bridge / RAAT preferable). In that configuration sound quality should not be impacted by what the Core is running on. However, some do find different Core configuration, even in this recommended set-up, provides a different sonic experience. So, worth the experiment, but it shouldn’t make a difference if you don’t plug a DAC into your Core.

What’s your current set-up?

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This is my current setup:

  • Intel NUC running Roon ROCK
  • Synology DS418 with offline music (FLAC files)
  • TIDAL subscription
  • Raspberry Pi with SPDIF HAT and LCD display running Ropieee

Overall I’m happy with it. Just wanted to give Euphony try and I heard it can be used together with Roon but not sure how. Euphony running on the NUC (with Roon server as part of it?) while the rest of the system stays as it is?

You have to replace ROCK with Euphony. You then have to enable Roon Server in Euphony. Everything else will be broadly similar. There will be bios changes because Euphony requires UEFI. And internal storage isn’t treated the same though that won’t apply to you.
Easiest way to achieve your goal is to buy another OS drive.

  1. Perform a backup.
  2. Replace drive.
  3. Make bios changes.
  4. Load Euphony.
  5. Perform a restore.
  6. Play music.

Personally I don’t think you’ll hear much difference if you use a Ropieee based endpoint. The end point will be the biggest influence on SQ.


I’ve not tried Euphony, but this sounds like a fun experiment.

It sounds like you are happy with the sound you have, but moving from your current RPi endpoint to the new ZEN Stream from iFi Audio ($399) is, based on my own testing, likely to make a significant improvement to sound quality. Some of this is DAC-dependent, but the ZEN Stream is the best sounding network audio transport I’ve tried so far.

Cool thing about the ZEN Stream is that there’s a mechanical switch on the back that you can set to “Roon only” mode. This shuts down a bunch of non-Roon processes with the idea that reducing CPU and memory usage correlates to better sound quality. I have not attempted to quantify or measure this, but the sound is impressive.

Thanks David. Actually my end point is:

  • RPi 4 (running Ropieee) with external linear power supply
  • FifoPi Q3 with Accusilicon clocks (Ian Canada)
  • I2S to PCM (Ian Canada)
  • my own dual mono AD1865 DAC with passive output (using I/V, transformers)
    I love the sounds of NOS DAC and this setup is amazing.

What I’m hearing is that the SW part is another option how to improve the sound and some people saying that Euphony sounds better than Roon. However I really like Roon app on iPad. That is why I’m thinking about giving Euphony a try.

There is some discussion about using Euphony Stylus with Ropieee here too: Euphony OS w/Stylus player setup and issues thread - Page 74 - Music Servers - Audiophile Style

According to many over on that website, virtually everything sounds better than Roon. What made you select Euphony out of the many preferred Roon alternatives? Just asking, not trying to start a fight.

Actually nothing :slight_smile: It is just an opinion of some people. So as I started this chat - no judging, just want to give it a try and maybe return happy to Roon.


Properly deployed and with DSP turned off, I don’t believe that Roon Core has a sound. However, the R.A.A.T. network bridge device (hardware and software) can certainly have an impact on the performance of the DAC connected to it. The level of impact is somewhat DAC-dependent.

For those looking to tweak the sound of their digital source, in m experience, the place to start is the DAC and transport. Cables, power, isolation from vibrations, galvanic isolation, etc. for DAC and transport are also fertile ground for exploration. Even software running on the endpoint device can make a difference. Changes further upstream, like the hardware or software used for the media server (Roon Core or otherwise) are far less likely to matter.

That said, I’m looking forward to reading the results of your experiments with Euphony.

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