Roon experience with OPPO 203/5 using wifi only

Can anyone comment on how this goes, using wifi connectivity only?

I usually go wired ethernet, but works fine if you have a decent wifi connection. Am listening to it with the ethernet cable unplugged in response to your question.

I have a UDP-203.

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Thanks!! Now to save up some $$…

The UDP-205 has a few more upgrades, including MQA.

The UDP-203 works fine for me since I have an MQA capable DAC if I want to listen to MQA files.

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I have a 205. I don’t have a lot to add. It just simply works, both with and without a wired connection. I use it every day, it works, and I never thought about it again.

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I use my 203 w/ wifi I have a very strong connection. It has worked really well so far, but I only bought it a couple of weeks ago.

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I have the Oppo 205 also. I have used it both over WiFi and with Ethernet wired. It works great with either. One note: If you want to play DSD or upsample beyond PCM, then you need USB connection from your computer to Oppo. I have not found a way to play DSD on Roon to Oppo without USB connection.