Roon Extension - Control Simaudio Moon amplifier through RS-232

Hi all,

I just published a first beta version of a roon extension enabling control over RS-232 for the Simaudio Moon i3.3 / 340i Integrated Amplifier.

Roon Extension’s files are located here:

The following controls are available:

  • Volume Up / Down - Amp does not provide volume status therefore only “+” and “-” buttons (incremental volume type) are available.

  • Volume steps - As the amp has an analog potentiometer, there are no fixed volume values. A configuration allows defining a relative increment/decrement step magnitude.

  • Mute / Unmute toggle - Amp does provide mute status but Roon does not provide it when incremental volume type is defined.

  • Source selection - Selected source will be set when playing music.

  • Speaker output On/Off - Allows to turn off the speaker output when the amp is used as a preamp only. It is set/validated when playing music.

This extension should (but not tested) also work with the Simaudio Moon i.5 / 220i and Moon i1 / 250i.

I’ll see how I can get this extension added to the Roon Extension Manager.

Many thanks to @danny for the Meridian and Devialet roon extension code, to @Neil_Patel for the AyreLink roon extension code and to @StefanK for the McIntosh roon extension code. Your work has been a huge guideline for me creating this roon extension.



The extension is now available through the Extension Manager under the Device Control category:


A big thank you @Jan_Koudijs for your support!

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