Roon Extension: Deep Harmony - rich feature set for Logitech Harmony

Looking forward to the time you manage to create a raspberrypi docker image. These controls would be awesome.

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Hi, I am new to this but I would like to know how I can install this on a Synology NAS.

Its on the plan, but as yet I have not had a chance to look into how to setup automated docker image builds through an R-PI and my only R-PI (a 3B+ with the 7" touchscreen is currently running the excellent Ropieee image, so not really hackable without upsetting the missus ;)). I’m sure someone somewhere has probably posted a decent guide somewhere for automated building of docker image for arm on a PI.

I’m afraid I have never used a Synology NAS (I have a QNAP) so I cannot advise directly.

It might be worth a look at this: Synology KB on setting up a container.

Between that and the install notes which are very generic (but assume familiarity with whatever docker host you use), it should be quite straight forward I hope.

Thanks, you will keep us updated through this post?

Yes - I will post updates here.

Will there eventually be a way to run this with ROCK using the section manager?

ROCK doesn’t yet support extensions, one cannot install them on the ROCK machine, but they are working on it. You can install it elsewhere on the network and ROCK will ‘see’ it/them.

Awesome sauce!

I installed your extension on my Synology NAS. Woks flawlessly! I really like the volume control. Would love the idea of being able to control the volume with the volume rockers on my iPhone. I realise that this needs to be implemented in the Roon software but it would be really nice! :slight_smile:

Can’t wait for the RPi ARM docker image!

I tried using Docker Toolbox with Oracle Virtual box to install on Windows 7 machine. It seemed to install cleanly and run, but it did not appear in Roon->Setttings->Extensions. It was also endlessly logging ping attempts with response times ranging from single digit up to 125ms response. I gave up after a bit and uninstalled everything. If anyone has any ideas I may try again, but at the moment I don’t have any options for setting up a standalone Linux box.

Nested virtualization ‘might’ work. Any reason you don’t want to install Docker on Windows 7 itself? I believe Windows 10 is the supported OS now as well.

For Win 7, my understanding is that Docker Toolkit with Virtual Box is the only recommended option. Docker for Windows requires Win 10. Upgrade to win 10 is not a good option for me as I have some older devices that may not have stable win 10 drivers.

Did you setup a bridged network?

I setup Docker on Windows 10 and got as far as you did. I pulled the image into a new container. Started it and get a ping to a 172. something address and but its not communicating on my network therefore Roon core never sees it.

I haven’t figured out how to assign a network to the container. Documentation is like most open-source projects, scattered at best and conflicting at worst.

Perhaps @Adam_Goodfellow could give us Docker newbies a remedial tutorial for running his image under Windows as a Linux image. And much thanks for creating this!

I just need the basic commands and sequence to enter them, like:

docker create network …options…
docker create container
docker start (or is it run) imagename

Hi Larry,
Currently the docker image is for native Linux machines only as the initial priority was to support docker capable QNAP and Synology NAS and intel NUCs running a suitable version of Linux with docker installed.

The reasons why Windows (and OSX) are not yet supported are that for windows Docker for Windows runs Linux containers in a virtual machine on a virtual network which means that the network service discovery used for Roon and Harmony do not work. I guess as far as MS are concerned, this isn’t an issue as its not an issue that impacts cloud docker use. The 172… network is the default virtual network used by NAT mode docker on windows.

I will be looking at different way of packaging the extension for Windows and OSX as I suspect that docker is just poor choice for those OSs as things currently seem to stand.

The command you would have wanted if it worked is:
docker run --detach --network=host khazul/roon-extension-deep-harmony

Hello Adam,

I have been trying your extensions on my Synology DS918+ But it seems doesn’t matter what I do, the docker image keep crashing (restarting).

I can see the extension on roon, but can’t select my harmony hub from the configuration screen (no option to select)

Let me know if you want me to send you the log.


Ah understood. What version of Linux do you recommend for a NUC or ATX PC? Ubuntu likely OK?

I was thinking of sticking ubuntu on a NUC when I eventually get one, but it depends what I end up doing with it. I think either ubuntu or Debian will be fine, but I’m no expert on Linux. Its just another OS to fight with for me :slight_smile:

BTW - I have got windows and mac-os console versions in testing at the moment, I’m not sure if they are any use to anyone as to be a bit more useable though they would need to be run as service/daemon according to OS and not had time to look at that and installers etc. Also have R-Pi docker image nearly ready as well. Just a case of sorting out build scripts for it.

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Sent you a PM.


I’m using the Docker image on my Synology for ten days now.
It is working without any problem, except that, as mentioned earlier in the thread, the container keeps crashing very frequently.
To make it usable, I’ve enabled the auto restart option for this container.

To make sure I’ve got the last version, I deleted my container and downloaded the image again with the latest tag. Let me know if you’re interested by some logs if it keeps crashing (specify the location of the logs in the container).

Thank you for what has already been achieved !

Sent you a PM.