Roon extension for Yamaha AVR

A new Roon extension for Yamaha receivers and amps is available!



You can find the roon-extension-yamaha at GitHub together with installation instructions. A Docker image can be downloaded from Docker hub. Links:

The extension is based on the Yamaha Extended Control (YXC) API Specification (Basic), rev 1.x, published 2016, hence, if you have a Yamaha AV receiver newer than 2016 the extension likely works as expected.



Hi @Henrik_Jeppsson

Thank you for your work on this. I have a Yamaha RX-V6A (circa 2020?) that I want to try this out on.

Will your extension be included in the Roon Extension Library by the Appgineer? I find this the easiest method to install Roon Extensions.

[Edit] Just one other question…What will this do that I can’t already do when I select the the receiver as an Airplay Zone in Roon? I can already change the volume, mute, apply dsp settings, and group the zone to other Airplay zones. Does your extension do something else, or something better?


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Hi @Dameon_Jamie ,

A couple of weeks back, I sent Roon Extension Manager (REM) developer, @Jan_Koudijs aka TheAppgineer, a message if he would like to add the Yamaha extension to the RPM repository.

I hope it will appear in the current list of extensions soon.


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I would also like to know this. At the moment I don’t see what this extension would add or improve.

The only difference, using AirPlay as input, is the volume control will show dB (-80 to 0 dB) with the extension, instead of steps (1 to 100). My preference is dB control and it comes for free. :slight_smile:

The main difference is when other sources are connected to the receiver.

Cheers ///H


Thanks for your replies. Looking forward to seeing this in the Roon Extension Manager.