Roon extension - http APIs

Thank you for your quick response and that you look at it. It would be so nice to have these commands.

Thanks so much

Hi @AxelF,

I have added the group/ungroup and the transfer zone calls.
For the group/ungroup it is a Post call with an array of the output ids (I have added the readme file on how to call those APIs)

Have a try and let me know if you need help.


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Hi @St0g1e,

thank you so much you made my day :+1:. Everything works fine and together with homebridge (http request and sonos multiroom plugin) I can handle everything like I wanted. And I have no more trouble with ungrouping Sonos rooms when I use the created shortcuts.



Glad I can help.

Hi !
Great work !
my smarthome with loxone is now working with play, stop, & all other commands…

is there a command to to start play a playlist available ?
i can´t found it…

thanks a lot to all !

Hi @many ,

I’ll take a look and get back to you.
Do you mean to see the list of playlists or to play a selected playlist?

Also. Are you using the http or websocket repository?


Hi Bastian !
i want to play a selected playlist on the speaker in the bathroom.

for a more detailed description:
my smart home system loxone has configured an alarm clock, e.g. the blinds are open in the bedroom and the player in the bathroom should start the “alarm clock” playlist

i am using the http repository with command

thanks a lot

That’s excellent Bastian, will give it a shot!

Hi @many,

You can play the playlist to your bathroom speaker by using the following commands:

  1. Get a list of the zones:

  2. Get the zone id and call goHome (from the call above I picked zoneId 160117c32998166a9031ff098853aae89d22)

  3. Look at the second entry for Playlist, and get the item_key (item_key 1:1)

  4. Select the playlist you want to play and get the item_key (item_key 2:0)

  5. Select the first item with title “Play Playlist”, and get the item_key (item_key 3:0)

  6. Select the first item with title “play now” and get the item_key (item_key 4:0)

Hope this helps.

Please let me know if you have further questions.