Roon Extension Manager on a normal (non-diet) Pi?

Hi All

I had Roon running on iMac for about a year but just migrated to a ROCK on dedicated NUC since I had so many issues with 571. Core seems to be running much better now but Extension manager and Alarm clock (that was working fine on iMac) is now bjorked. It was there but comes and goes. So I’m thinking of rather running extension manager on a Raspberry Pi, that I already have on network (running Pi-hole 5.1.2).

This is running Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS (GNU/Linux 5.4.0-1016-raspi aarch64).

Before I jump in blindly, has anyone run R.E.M. on Ubuntu Pi ? Any tips ? Or will it be only me in the corner, loosing my religion ? :slight_smile:

Are you saying that when you click on Roon - Settings - Extensions they are not there. I use a RPi4 running RoPieeeXL and the Spockfish extension is there. I also have one for my ATV4K.

You can use the generic Linux install script. Instructions can be found here.

Nice one :+1:

Thanks for the link Jan, it worked. FYI I couldn’t run as Sudo, the script wanted to access to a folder that Ubuntu doesn’t allow Sudo users access to. So instead of Sudo, I Su’d, and ran it as root. That worked without complaints.

But wait, it gets better. There’s another pun coming.

I still had to install the service manually, but again your documentation was excellent, so a few copies and pastes later, the extension manager showed up in my Roon App on iPad like magic. I configured Alarm clock, and considered it another day of successful Roon Tinkering. But I missed one important step…

The alarm did go off @ 7am, starting my MuSo in my MBR with nice piano music. And it was indeed 7am… but 7am UTC, not PST! I’ve never taken as long to figure out “Where is that damn music coming from ?!” as I did in the middle of last night.

So, I think somewhere in the alarm clock documentation there should be a reminder to set your system timezone if you’re on a Linux box or Pi (servers don’t do automagically set timezone like your iPhone or MacBook will)…Least you also prevent others from achieving peaceful R.E.M. sleep! :rofl:

Thanks for the great products!