Roon Extension Manager v0.11.9 [Obsolete]

Hello Jan,

Many thanks for looking into this.

Yes, my Roon server is running under Windows 10.

I tried installing a fresh copy of yourcode from github and then running “node start.js”. The result was the same as before: no extensions visible from within the Roon interface.

Then I tried to run “node start.js inherit” but the output from this program did not provide any more debugging info. As you can see at the bottom of this message, the two node commands produced the same info.

Thanks again,


Pierre@PC-bureau MINGW32 ~/.RoonExtensions/node_modules/roon-extension-manager
$ node start.js
Inf: Extension Repository loaded

Roon Extension Manager started successfully!
Select Settings->Extensions on your Roon Remote to manage your extensions.

Pierre@PC-bureau MINGW32 ~/.RoonExtensions/node_modules/roon-extension-manager
$ node start.js inherit
Inf: Extension Repository loaded

Roon Extension Manager started successfully!
Select Settings->Extensions on your Roon Remote to manage your extensions.

OK, looks like the start script doesn’t work on Windows.

This should work (don’t forget the dot):
node .

This way the auto update doesn’t work, so you have to disable that by clearing the update time field in the settings.

Yes: “node .” did the trick.

Roon can now see your extension manager, and I was able to install the alarm clock.

As you suggested, I cleared the update time field.

I noticed that the bash window remain active and I suppose this is normal.

Also, I suppose that whenever I restart my computer, I will need to restart your code manually until you can turn this into a Windows service.

Thanks a lot!


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You are right about both.
Now that you are on it, maybe you can do me a favor…

I have a first test version of the Windows installer and the only way I can test this myself is in a VM running Windows XP (I’m a Linux guy). Are you willing to test the installer on Windows 10 and give me some feedback on the results?

Just let me know if you want the 32 or 64 bit version and I’ll sent you a PM.

Thanks for stepping in!

Hi Jan

Sure, I will b happy to test your 64-bit version (though I epect to be very busy over the next 2-3 days).

Thanks a lot,


No :grinning:

This must be an interesting thing for SMG to implement into the SonicTransporter :grinning:

@agillis what you think ?
Just the piece of SW needed ?


I second that motion! Adding this to ST would be great.

I’ve been looking on in envy as running a PC 24/7 for this is not practical for me, although I have tested the alarm and got it working ok.


Thanks for this, I like the smoother and cleaner install experience in this version.

How do I get other extensions managed by this extension? Only the alarm clock is listed at the moment.

For some reason over the weekend my extension manager stopped running and thus all the extensions also stopped running. Had to manually kick start it back in to action and then get it to restart all the extensions.

I take it the extension manager wont auto run when Roon starts? Will I have to run it as a service to ensure this?

Jan does the file you sent for the installation run it as a service? I recall that was maybe implied but just want to be sure

What version of the manager are you running, and on which OS?
There should be 4 extensions to choose from:

I was first thinking that this may be caused by the update I pushed, but this was already last Wednesday. Do you have the auto update timer set?

Indeed, Roon and the extension manager have to be started separately.

Running it as a service is what I am focusing on at the moment. For Windows a basic installer should take care of this, currently a first version is being tested by a few community members. For Linux I start off with a systemd service file and a helper script, distribution packages may follow at a later point in time.

Of course you can also do the service stuff yourself. I can provide you a Linux script or Windows batch file which you then have to start as a service.

Yes it does.

I have the updates set to update at 2am. It might be I did not use since your last update I just cant remember. I have set it to run as a service now so see how it gets on.

I don’t know how well start.js behaves when you run it as a service (if that is what you do). It has some self restart behavior that is better moved to service control. Let me know if you run into issues and I will provide a better solution.

Thanks, Jan. Looks like I had an old version running. Cleaned up and reinstalled and now everything is working with all extensions showing.
Simply fantastic, this has taken Roon to another level for me. Even though its in a beta and unsupported form right now you and the other extension dev have done a fantastic job of defining the environment well enough to make it easy for non dev like me.

I really really need to set up a Roon endpoint in the bedroom now for alarm clock duties!


This works a treat…not the most WAF friendly but with a bit of coaxing mine can deal with it for now or she just tells me make it sleep in 40 mins please and I oblige :slight_smile:

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Happy to try another solution if you think it will be more stable.

Thanks @Astr0b0y, this is exactly the goal of the extension manager stuff.

I will get back to you…

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Thanks to Jan and a good deal of PM’s back and forward the last few days we have got my setup installed … with some tweaking to be detailed but looking good for sure.

I think I will Jan take it from here on how he sees the installer changes needed but its definitely getting to a point where non geeks can perhaps get this running pretty soon I think.

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