Roon Extension Manager V1.1.2 Constantly Stops Unexpectantly

I am running Roon Extension Manager and Alarm Clock (V1.1.2 and 0.9.0 respectively). Several times a day I get an alert message that says:

“Docker container roon-extension-manager stopped unexpectedly. Please select roon-extension-manager on the Container page, click the Details button, and go to the Log tab for details.”

It restarts, but the continued fails are a mystery. In looking at the logs, the only entry is:

“Start container roon-extension-manager failed: null.”

It appears that every couple of hours, the extensions are trying to restart and sometimes have difficulty doing so.

Has anyone else seen a similar issue?

Roon running on Synology DS3617xs - tones of memory and CPU capacity.

Hi John,

Haven’t seen reports like this before, can you collect the extension logs and share them with me? You can find instructions here.

Sent via private message.

In the log there is mentioning of 2 cores, one called C2-WHITE the other SYN (can also be a Windows / Mac install acting as a remote). These cores are regularly disappearing and reappearing. This triggers a restart of the Extension Manager and is then reported by the Synology.

What are the installs that are identified by the names listed above, can you think of a reason why they would disappear?

Normally a stop of the Extension Manager should be covered by the “restart unless stopped” option of the Docker container. Have you set this option for the container?

Hello @Jan_Koudijs,

Let me give you a little more information regarding my configuration. First, there is only one core, that’s on SYN (short for Synology). The SYN core runs there 24/7 and the NAS has a separate volume where all music files are stored (Occasionally I reboot my NAS, but typically only once every few weeks). C2-WHITE is a Windows 11 PC and from time to time I use Roon as a remote on that PC. During any given day, I may pull up the Roon application on the PC to remotely control Roon. I also may reboot/shutdown C2-WHITE when I’m not working. C2-WHITE is not configured as a core but only used for remote control.

I also have several different Roon endpoints throughout the house.

I’ve been unable to figure out why these stops/restarts.