Roon Extension: McIntosh Volume, Source and Power Control

Hi all,

I’ve “finished” my first efforts on extension for McIntosh C47 volume/source/power control via RS232 protocol.
It’s now available on Github: roon-extension-mcintosh.
There is an associated project which deals with the actual RS232 parsing, if you would want to have a closer look: node-mcintosh.

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Anyone have this up and running?, I have tried to understand if I can connect like a RaspberryPi to my Mcintosh Amp, if I am not using it as my end point?

Basically I am streaming through a NAIM streamer so solving this by grouping the RPI with the NAIm for volume is not an option.

Any Ideas or suggestions?

@John_Jensen , I don’t have this setup anymore, but yes it was working great.
And yes, you can use RaspberryPI for the extension. You would just need the RS232 cable which can be plugged into USB on the RPI.
Let say like this one: cp2102 USB Serial RS232 Cable Dsub 9pin Male Plug Silabs cp210x Type B RS232 Converter PCBA|com port rs232|adapter cabledb9 adapter - AliExpress
But before you get one, make sure the pins are assigned the same as on your MC gear.

Hi Stefan,

I read your script and I think I understood how it works. But I don‘t know how and on which device I have to install the script. Can you help me with this and give me more information?
Thanks in advance and greetings from Austria

Hi @Philipp_Pirklbauer , normally you would use a Raspbery Pi, or some other small linux box. But it could even be your laptop/desktop.
Advantage of these small boxes is that they don’t consume a lot of power and so you can leave them running unatended 24/7.
As this is set up using RS232 you need to have it close to your McIntosh gear, so it can be connected to it.
In my previous post you can see the possible adapter that can be used. But different MC gear has different RS232 connectors and the protocols may be slightly different.
This specific roon extension was tested only on the C47 preamp.

Hi @StefanK
Thank you for your quick answer!
I‘m using an Intel NUC with Roon rock. Do you know if it also works this way? If yes, how can I install the roon extension there?

Unfortunately it won’t work. Roon Rock is a closed up system, so you won’t be able to add extensions into it.
Raspbery Pi won’t cost you a lot. You can pick basically any version as this extension does not require too many resources. Of course some unix skills will be required.