Roon Extension: Onkyo/Pioneer AV receiver volume control

Hi all,

Based on the existing volume control for Denon receivers, I created a Volume/Source control extension for controlling Onkyo (and newer Pioneer) receivers.

It’s nice to have if you have your DAC (or digital input) connected to your Onkyo receiver.

Hopefully others can benefit from it. Thanks to @Boris_Pruessmann for the original work with the Denon extension.

Grab the extension (and instructions) from here:


Hi Marcel,

I have installed it but it doesn’t discover my pioneer SC-LX89, do you have any tips?
I have already put in the ip adress, I my case, but that doesn’t help
It stucks in displaying ‘connecting to’

  1. Did you enable network control in the settings of the receiver ? You can confirm when you navigate to the address in your browser. It should display some info about your receiver.

  2. Is this receiver a recent model ? Only recent receivers share the same firmware stuff between Onkyo and Pioneer. Before that Pioneer had it’s own implementation.

Hi Marcel,
Networking is enabled i use the ipad app for controlling the receiver i and can see the web page so that is not the problem.
I think my receiver is using the old protocol :frowning:
Thanks for the reply

Hi Marcel,

I’ve installed the extension on my Roon Core (Win 10 NUC) and offer the following observations:

  • When I have two Onkyo receivers connected to the network (as I do usually), the extension only ever connects to one of them (and it’s not the one I want to control). I had to disconnect the other from the network to make the extension ‘see’ the intended receiver.

  • Once that hurdle is overcome, I then saw that the volume control operates from 0 to (whatever was the volume when the receiver was turned on). So if the receiver was set at volume = -35dB (I use relative volume display) then -35dB becomes ‘100’ for the volume setting in the extension - and you can never adjust higher than that. Also I see that volume adjustment is pretty slow.

Do you have plans to evolve the extension?

Please accept the above as observations only. I have not paid for the extension and have no right to complain. Just interested to understand whether you plan for a future for the extension or not.

{I suspect it would be somewhat more flexible for the Roon team to build a generic IR extension into the system that would perhaps allow more control of more devices…}

Thanks for creating the extension.


Hey Marcel,

hope this thread is still monitored. Thanks for supporting the Onkyo series!
Works great despite the power control for my PR-SC5509 AV preamp. Did I make a mistake or is this funktion not implemented yet.
regards from Austria, Jan