Roon Extension: Roon Tradfri 0.0.2 (first release)

Short description:
Roon Extension to control an IKEA Tradfri Plug to turn power on/off depending on Roon Zone playing state

This extension allows you to use an IKEA tradfri plug to control power to ex. an amplifier or powered speakers depending on playing state of a Roon Zone

For me it allows me to use one of my zones(using a squeezebox as Roon endpoint) to poweron my active speaker when playing and poweroff when not playing

In combination with @ Jan_Koudijs / TheAppgineer Alarm Clock extension I can then use it to wake me in the morning(and the speaker will power on when something is playing in that Zone)

Install instructions is available on Github

And soon I hope I have it integrated with Jan’s Roon Extension Manager

How about a version to control a Wemo plug? It’s what I use via my cell phone.


I don’t use Wemo plugs. So it would be pretty difficult for me to make that

An old thread - but Home Assistant has also support for roon, WeMo and Tradfri among many others.

I maintain the roon code, and used to maintain the WeMo code (I’ve handed this over to another developer)

It’s pretty easy to use HA to turn devices on and off as roon zones play.