Roon Extension: Roon Web Controller v1.1.1

@Mike_Plugge sure. I am out right now but as soon as I come back I’ll test it. Thanks again.

@Mike_Plugge this might be my browser caching stuff… but I cant even hit play… I can see the new webui but I cant interact with it… I am going to investigate further…

Works pretty neat on the big screen as well… Weren’t people clamouring for something like this? :slight_smile:

(Android webbrowser on Sony Bravia TV).


I know I was! Glad you like it!

All of the graphics scale to the screen, so everything from a 800x480 touch screen to a 4k monitor, it looks right!

Let me know what you find out. That one confuses me.

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Roon Web Browser v1.2.0 is now available.

See this topic:

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@Mike_Plugge I have the web controller app running on a Raspberry Pi with a 7" screen, and it’s fantastic. Thanks!

I’m writing a simple script to control display power management based on the currently playing status in the app - i.e disable blanking while music is playing and re-enable when stopped. It would be great if I had a way to work out which zone the app is controlling. Would it be possible to expose a URL that could be fetched with Curl with basic “now playing” info?


Conceptual I like that idea. Unfortunately, implementation would involve shifting zone selection from the client (browser) side to the server (nodejs) side. That would be a pretty big change with negative functionality regressions, so I am not sure it should be done.

Right, I didn’t think that through. The client would have to push the zone id somewhere.

This plugin is :sunglasses:, thanks for your kind work! Is there any way to look at getting a button for save track to playlist? As I’m constantly building playlists, and this would be a perfect feature to add… many thanks

Good idea, but the functionality to manage playlists and the play queue is not currently exposed via the Node Roon API. So at the moment, this cannot be implemented…

on my Linux progress bar is not being updated dynamically. I have to reload the browser tab in order to see the progress bar updated, otherwise it stays at 0 all the time.

Tested on both Chrome and Firefox.

Plus the progress bar is not clickable, so you can’t progress the song forward.

Not sure if it’s a bug or just not implemented.

The progress bar is read only - it does not advance the track. I have not implemented track bar based seek.

As for it showing 0 at all times, please make sure that you are running the latest version of Roon Web Controller. This thread is for an older version. There may or may not have been a bug previously.

I expect this is related to the transport API change.

Could very well be - I haven’t had time to look at the updated API yet.

I have seen since the update is when playback is started with the library, the now playing screen does not show any info - including the track time.

But a page refresh addresses that…

Hi, many thanks for adding this!!! Works like a sharm!!!


I‘m new to this topic and have installed the latest Roon Web Controller. Roon Core is running on my qnap and the endpoint is a ropieee Touch.

Wich IP address do i have to enter to get to the webcontroll?

IP Address of qnap:8080 is getting me to the configuration of the NAS

Where did you install web controller?

If is on the qnap and port 8080 is already taken, then web controller will not start. But I didn’t think you could run node js on a qnap…

If it is on a different system, then it is on the IP of that system. Note that you may have to open firewall ports on the system you installed it to.

A little off topic but it would be nice if the port was user configurable at install time. 8080 is a little too common.

It already is user configurable.

See details here: