Roon Extension: Roon Web Controller v1.2.0

(Mike Plugge) #182

The last change to the node-roon-api which this app uses was 4 months ago. It did not change at all with the release of Roon 1.6.

Have you restarted the extension? Have you completely removed and reinstalled the extension?

That said, I am looking to put some code in to check if the zone id in the cookie is available, and if not, show the zone selection dialog.

But it may take a bit. While I use the app every day with no problems, I haven’t looked at the code for a while. I have been prototyping a completely new release…

(Derek Wyman) #183

Thanks Mike. I will try to remove/reinstall again.

I did a complete clean install not long before the 1.6 update and everything was good. The issues happened after the 1.6 so it seemed to be related, may have just been coincidence.

(Derek Wyman) #184

No go unfortunately.

I can get the zone list for the library, but now playing is stuck on a zone that no longer is in use and I can’t get to a zone list to change it.

(Mike Plugge) #185

Which browser version and OS are you using? Which zone selection button are you using, the one on the library or the one on the now playing screen?

It has been a while, but I don’t think the library one sets/updated the cookie…

I will still look to add the cookie check code, but the soonest will be this weekend.

But I am house hunting since I have to move before May, and that will take priority.

(Derek Wyman) #186

That will explain why the library browser works but i can’t get to the selector on the now playing side.

The browser is “fully kiosk browser” on an Android tablet. It runs a version of web view that is separate from chrome. Doesn’t seem to be any way to clear/block cookies from specific sites like there is in chrome.

All my other instances of web controller are on normal chrome apps (Chromebooks, laptops, phones etc) and all work fine with cookies blocked.

I appreciate the responses. I know this is an outlier and probably doesn’t effect many folks.

(Mike Plugge) #187

Roon Web Controller v1.2.9 is now available.

This release has a much needed update to the dependencies and also adds a check to show zone selection overlay if the selected zone is no longer available.

(Mike Plugge) #188

v1.2.9, just released should address what you are seeing.


(Derek Wyman) #189

Awesome! I’ll give it a go when i get home. Ty!

Working great. Thanks again!


Hi, fist of all great work! Could anybody could help me with the following 2 issues?
Latest DietPi with Extention Manager, Roon Extention Manager, Roon Bridge, Web Controller 1.29 is running etc. I followed the steps of the DietPi Extention Manager setup documentation.


a) Up to now i could not manage a local autologin or autoexecution. After a reboot the systems waits for the login credentials. A local login and starting the script will bring up the web interface!

b) What is wrong if I can not select any album within the library browsing window? Zone selection or the PlayNow screen is operating as expected. I can increase or decrease the volume etc. but within all other menus i can not select any items. This behavior is on the local system (local browser on the pi with touch) or from a remote browser, accessing the ip of this rapi machine…

Thank you

(Mike Plugge) #191

A) From what I have experienced, Diet Pi is constantly changing the way things work. As a seasoned Linux admin, I don’t like the way Diet Pi mangles things like environment settings, so I don’t use it. The instructions on the Gitlab page worked when they were written. But I cannot make any guarantees on whether they work now. You will likely have better luck posting to the Diet Pi forums for support on the auto-login and auto-execution.

B) At the moment, the library browser is a different web page than the now playing screen - they are both embedded using iFrames. So there is no sharing of information between them. The library page will read the cookie, but it will not set the cookie. For the library browser, make sure that a zone is selected. If you are using multiple browsers to access it, make sure you click the circle reload icon at the top when you switch browsers. For a full explanation why, see this post: Roon Extension: Roon Web Controller v1.1.1

The fact that the library is a separate page than the now playing screen is a huge source of annoyance for me as well. I am prototyping a complete rewrite, but it is no where close to being ready to be released. And since I am currently house hunting and have to move before the end of April, I am not sure when I will have the time to work on the next version.