Roon Extension: Roon Web Controller v1.2.0

(Fernando Fuentes) #21

@kayo Yes. I meant background :face_with_head_bandage: Long days…


Sorry for the long day.
Confirmed it’s running now.
But running command & DOES NOT put it in the background. Will not respond to ctrl+Z so I can do a bg. How else to send this guy or run it in the background.
Yes I could ignore it and open another ssh windows but closing this terminal will terminate the program.

(Fernando Fuentes) #23


The best solution is right on his github page:

(Optional) Sample systemd unit file

systemd is the init system used by modern Linux systems. Here is a sample systemd unit file which can be used to automatically start this application at Linux system boot time.

Description=NodeJS app - Roon Web Controller

ExecStart=/usr/bin/node app.js


To use this unit file:

Save this template to a file called roon-web-controller.service
Edit the user field to be the user running the application
Edit the WorkingDirectory field to be the location where the application is installed (NOTE: the user must have read and write access to this location!)
Using either sudo or as root, copy the edited roon-web-controller.service file to /usr/lib/systemd/system
Reload systemd: sudo systemctl daemon-reload
Start the application: sudo systemctl start roon-web-controller.service
Enable the application at boot up: sudo systemctl enable roon-web-controller.service
You can monitor the output of this application using journalctl.

To show the application output: sudo journalctl -u roon-web-controller
To follow the application output: sudo journalctl -f -u roon-web-controller[/quote]

(Mike Plugge) #25

@Tech_Whisky_Lab - thanks for helping out @kayo!

@kayo - I agree with @Tech_Whisky_Lab - the preferred solution is to use the systemd unit file to run this in background.


Great job Mike.
All is well in my paradise. Systemd doing the job.

(Mike Plugge) #27

Good to hear!

(Mike Plugge) #28

I am away on holiday travelling until Monday, so I will not be able to try to reproduce it until then.

That is a weird one, though. Sounds like yet another possible problem with the parser I wrote to create the zone list. And the last one was a pain in the rear to track down and fix…

(Fernando Fuentes) #29

@Mike_Plugge another little bug to report here… :slight_smile:

Every so often the extension resets and complains that is not enable and I have to re-enable it…
Just a heads up :smiley:

Have fun on your Holiday vacation!
I need one :frowning:


Just saying Thank You!! (lower right of screen :smile:)

(Mike Plugge) #31

Looking good @kayo!

That does not look like a full copy of Safari, though. What are you using to display the page?

(Mike Plugge) #32

Oh yeah - I can duplicate it. Very weird! Let me do some digging. Will need to take a look at what the API is returning.


It’s an app called Fluid, downloadable free from their website. It’s basically a wrapper that turns web pages into an app. I then resized it.


One thing missing on this screen is the love/hate/reject icon. Personally I find this more useful than the radio icon.
Thanks for your work.

(Mike Plugge) #35

Unfortunately those options are not exposed with the API at this time.

I am keeping an eye on the API, and when new features become available, I will likely integrate them. One feature I would love to see is play queue management. But it is not there. Hopefully soon, though.

(Mike Plugge) #36

I do something similar on Linux with a tiny QT web engine (based on chrome) app. Nice to see something available on Mac OS

(simon arnold) #37

Using this in Firefox on windows the now playing buttons are all over the place and none actual activate where they are placed.

(Mike Plugge) #38


It does the same thing with Firefox on Linux. I never caught it because it has been years since I have used Firefox as my primary browser. (I typically use Safari on Mac OS and Chrome/Chromium everywhere else…)

Adding a local bug… This looks like a CSS issue…

(Mike Plugge) #39

I have not forgotten about the bugs reported. But between a crazy work scheduled and other social commitments, I just have not had much time lately to look into this.

Hopefully soon…

(Mr Fix It ) #40

Finally managed to get Jan’s Roon Extension manager installed and have this Web Controller running now at last.

Finally a use for my poor 2nd class citizen Ipad 2’s to use as minamilst Roon remotes.

(John B) #41

Okay this is where you’ll all be sorry for @Jan_Koudijs excellent windows installer, as it allows neophytes like me into the arena.

It looks like this has installed fine.

Am I missing something simple, I’m now inputting either localhost:8080 or IP address of core:8080 (on a windows 10 machine) but nothing is displaying.

Thanks in advance,