Roon Extension: RoonWeb App v1.0 for Roon Web Controller v1.2

I’ve made a companion electron app (called roonweb) to have the web controller run in a frameless window with hidden titlebar and made still dragable by the album art. I’ve compiled it to an electron exe with all dependencies.

This is version 1.0 working fully with Roon Web Controller v1.2.

It also works with Roon Web Controller v2 Alpha but does not yet allow you to drag the window around.

The included AHK script allows you toggle the app to semi-transparent and keep ontop.

Standard and semi-transparent modes side by side.
roonweb by Hilton, on Flickr

Full Desktop view
roonweb-desktop by Hilton, on Flickr

Stay on Top
roonweb-ontop by Hilton, on Flickr

Using as game overlay in cloudpunk (stayontop semi-transparent)
All controls still work of course.
roonweb-gameoverlay-ontop by Hilton, on Flickr

At the moment it’s hard coded to run on the roon core server (localhost:8080) but you can manually change the address in line 26 of Roonweb.js

Change the line between the single quote to whatever address and port you want to point it at (you only need to change this if if running it on a remote PC/device to point it at your Roon Core Server)

You’ll need to drop an updated nowplaying.css file into your user appdata under C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\RoonExtensions\node_modules\roon-web-controller\public\css\nowplaying.css

I’ve created the first windows installer for RoonWeb App. You will still need to manually copy the nowplaying.css file as per the readme.

You still need to install Roon Extension Manager and Roon Web Controller and follow their relevant instructions before RoonWeb will work.

If anyone else has tried this out can you let me know how it went with install and if it’s working.


Perhaps I am having a moment of complete brain lapse, but how the heck do I install this in Manjaro Linux?

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To just get it to run you can do:
$ git clone
$ cd RoonWeb
$ rm package-lock.json
$ yarn install
$ vim Roonweb.js # replace the value for window.loadURL if you like me do not run roon on localhost
$ yarn run electron Roonweb.js

Thank you, I am using it now. I had to install Yarn and Vim, but other than that the install went fine. I of course am on 2.0 Alpha of the web controller, so the window isn’t moving but it’s a great first step!

really do not understand how to run this app. Tried with node Roonweb.js but that is not working. I installed it by using npm install on archlinux system.