Roon Extension: Rotel Volume/Source Control

(Scott Houston) #21


Excellent, and thank you very much. More good things :slight_smile:

Now I just need to find where the extension is installed … am using the Appgineer’s extension manager package, so a bit of fumbling in Ubuntu terminal happening so that I can invoke the node command from the right spot.

Compliments of the season to you also.

(Boris Schaedler) #22

Hey Scott,

did you succeed? Does it work?

(Scott Houston) #23

Hi Boris,

I’ll say “not yet”. Home is Australia, but at present I’m an expat in Asia. So I was home for a couple of weeks; in the last couple of days, I ended up upgrading my Linux box (where Roon lives), and then had to get on the plane, and leave the stereo behind.

All that said – I could not work out where the extension manager was actually housing all the extensions that it was so helpfully installing. I am came to the conclusion that it would be easier to just install your extension directly (i.e. without help from the extension manager), so I could then invoke the node command by hand. So that’s how I’ll approach it next time around.

Thanks for checking in; on my next visit home, I’m sure I’ll get it sorted – I was genuinely pleased with how useful the plug in was.

(Jan Koudijs) #24

If you have used the setup script then you can find the extensions in:


$HOME is the home directory of the account that you used during the Extension Manager installation.

If you run multiple instances of the Rotel extension then it might be better to stop the extension first via the manager and then start the instances manually via the command line. I haven’t tested this so I can’t tell how well it will work.

(Scott Houston) #25

Outstanding. Thank you very much, Jan. Will give it a nudge when next back at home.

(Christopher Kliewer) #26

I don’t have Rotel, but I do have Russound equipment and am running an IP to Serial bridge built by one of the crew over at the SmartThings community to integrate the Russound into my home automation platform.

Would it be possible to adapt your code to support the IP control protocol in the other project?
His project is here:
I’m thinking it should just be a revision of the actual command structure to support the Russound bridge.


(Boris Schaedler) #27

Hi @Synthesis,
I had a quick look at the link you provided. If I understand everything correctly, one would need an extension which communicates with the “SmartThings Node Proxy”. Right? Is that would you mean?
The interface of the “SmartThings Node Proxy” is http based, so it is quite different to the Rotel interface I use in my extension. I think the job is not done by simply replacing some strings in code or so. I think it is a little bit more complicated…