Roon Extension: Rotel Volume/Source Control


Excellent, and thank you very much. More good things :slight_smile:

Now I just need to find where the extension is installed … am using the Appgineer’s extension manager package, so a bit of fumbling in Ubuntu terminal happening so that I can invoke the node command from the right spot.

Compliments of the season to you also.

Hey Scott,

did you succeed? Does it work?

Hi Boris,

I’ll say “not yet”. Home is Australia, but at present I’m an expat in Asia. So I was home for a couple of weeks; in the last couple of days, I ended up upgrading my Linux box (where Roon lives), and then had to get on the plane, and leave the stereo behind.

All that said – I could not work out where the extension manager was actually housing all the extensions that it was so helpfully installing. I am came to the conclusion that it would be easier to just install your extension directly (i.e. without help from the extension manager), so I could then invoke the node command by hand. So that’s how I’ll approach it next time around.

Thanks for checking in; on my next visit home, I’m sure I’ll get it sorted – I was genuinely pleased with how useful the plug in was.

If you have used the setup script then you can find the extensions in:


$HOME is the home directory of the account that you used during the Extension Manager installation.

If you run multiple instances of the Rotel extension then it might be better to stop the extension first via the manager and then start the instances manually via the command line. I haven’t tested this so I can’t tell how well it will work.

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Outstanding. Thank you very much, Jan. Will give it a nudge when next back at home.

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I don’t have Rotel, but I do have Russound equipment and am running an IP to Serial bridge built by one of the crew over at the SmartThings community to integrate the Russound into my home automation platform.

Would it be possible to adapt your code to support the IP control protocol in the other project?
His project is here:
I’m thinking it should just be a revision of the actual command structure to support the Russound bridge.


Hi @Synthesis,
I had a quick look at the link you provided. If I understand everything correctly, one would need an extension which communicates with the “SmartThings Node Proxy”. Right? Is that would you mean?
The interface of the “SmartThings Node Proxy” is http based, so it is quite different to the Rotel interface I use in my extension. I think the job is not done by simply replacing some strings in code or so. I think it is a little bit more complicated…


Since my ROTEL RSP-1582 processor has zero network operational support for volume control, I couldn’t resist but to try your extension.

So as a public service announcement:

This script will do unpredictable, potentially damaging things using a ROTEL RSP-1582 with this ROTEL Volume/Source Control extension.

In attempts to making this work, the extension would run, but I didn’t see any place in Audio to make control of amp. Further attempts, after starting node had the processor go batsh*t crazy with volume control, to a level I never had my system too. Was able to pause play in Roon, but…


The LR surround speaker (woofer) went poof, and opened… :confounded:

I wanted to upgrade anyway, and get a pair of Martin Logans for the rears…

So If you have an RSP-1582, please consider yourself warned.

That said, I still want to make this functionality work, but it seems the running extension/script will block all inputs from RSP-1582’s front panel or remote. It was bizarre.

For the life of me, I don’t understand why Rotel didn’t have a decent app to control this guy, without having to go Control4 or some other sublime thing…

My little Yamaha (7 Yr old) receiver has better remote CAT5/network control with their little app for Android/Apple.


Hello Mark,

I’m sorry for the trouble / issues you experienced, I can only imagine incompatible protocols why this happened.

I have one question: which firmware version is your RSP-1582 running?


Hi Boris,

Happy holidays!

The latest v 5.3


Thanks Mark, same to you!

I compared the command list of your device (RSP1582) and mine (RC1590): The get_volume_min! and get_volume_max! command seems to be missing on your device. Perhabs this makes your device a little bit confused, since I call those commands. But this is just an asumption.

If you want I could make a test version of the extension with only the commands your device supports, so we could check if this was the reason.

I saw that Rotel changed the interface with a new version for my RC1590, so I have to adjust the extension to support the new version. Unfortunately old and new versions are not compatible, so I have to check versions somehow. But this is a different story. As far as I could see this new interface version is not rolled out to your RSP1582. Please correct me if I’m wrong!

So, how should we proceed? Should we try to make it work?


Hi Boris,

Long time replying to this, but I am now back home and have had a bit of time to tinker. Long story short, starting the node.js script with different names works fine. I have two instances running on two different RC-1590s, and they both work just fine.

I also have an RA-1592 (don’t ask), so I will set that up as a third instance, and see how I go :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the extension – appreciate the effort.

Thanks for your feedback, glad it works!

Hi Boris,

Sorry for the period of being “down periscope”… Work has been murder lately…

The RSP-1582 is a discontinued product and with v 5.3 baked in, and aged over 2 years of age… I don’t think we are going to see any command updates soon from the good folks at ROTEL.

I just purchased some pricey Martin Logan rear channel speakers, and I don’t see a way to safely test any code changes…

When I ran played with it that day, it went bat ■■■■ crazy really quick. So my inclination is to let things be, as I have not the time, or dummy loads to work out the testing…

I really appreciate your offer never the less. Thanks so much!

In the mean time I will ask ROTEL to update the RSP1582, but I’m not holding my breath!

Hi Boris,

Am I correct in thinking you’re at v 1.1.0 now? I had a version 1.0.2 of the script, and I was hanging at “connecting”. Don’t know if it was new version of Roon or fact that I updated firmware on both pre-amps at the same time.

Thanks (and still using and loving the plug in).

Hi @Scott_Houston,

Yes, v1.1.0 is the latest version. Rotel introduced ‘Control Command List V2.0’ with their latest firmware update. I had to adjust a few things to support the protocol changes. So you probably had some problems because of the firmware update of your Rotel devices, like me a few weeks ago… :wink:

Stay healthy!

Aha. Makes sense. Much appreciated.


Hi All,

I’ve been a big fan of Rotel for sometime and after upgrading my 18yo B&W 602 to some shiny new 703s I’m looking to upgrade the old Rotel pre/power combo I have currently running Roon over a chromecast (soon to be RPi).

I’m looking at the RSP1576mk2 which has a network interface along with USB etc, am I to understand from this thread that it would still need a bridge of some sort like a RPi that then needs this software spliced into it?

Does Roon not even recognise a generic connection if plugged into the network socket on the processor?


Hi @Psyclops,

yes, if you want to control your Rotel RSP1576mk2 from within Roon, you’ll probably have to use this extension. The protocol used is not generic, it is a Rotel specific protocol. This is why it needs an extension to make it work with Roon. I’m glad that we have the possibility to write extensions, otherwise we would not be able to integrate hardware like Rotel amps :wink:


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Thanks Boris,

So it will still need to be via a Raspberry Pi?
I have one on order now with a DAC HAT for my existing set up but thinking to the future here as well…
And this is connected to the USB input is it, the network becomes largely redundant? (sorry new to this side of it and a looooot of info out there I’m trying to digest…).

Do you know what actually happens if you plug the network cable into a new model Rotel Amp?
Is it even picked up on Roon but without controlability? (I currently have a Chromecast plugged into analogue inputs on my Rotel re and the volume just left at 9 o’clock permanently and just use the DSP to operate the volume).

I want to make sure I understand this completely as I am looking to also get a Michi pre/power combo for my music side (the RSP1576/2 is home theatre) and given the cost implications want to ensure this will work or there is a work around.

Thanks for your efforts and help!


Edit after rereading the whole post and Github page again…

So it uses the network interface on the amp, is it the actual Rotel Firmware that is updated?
So no need to use RPi?