Roon failing when switching songs tracks

1st my chain
External La Cie 6TB HHD to Nucleus + via USB 3
Nucleus + to Exogal 440 Comet DAC with liner power supply via USB
DAC to preamp via balanced
Roon finds the DAC with out issue

Issue: while switching songs I will some times get a very short transient that sounds like pink noise, then silence.
If I turn the DAC off and back on that usually fixes the issue. However there
are complications at times such as:
I need to reboot the Nucleus, my DAC will restart in is what I would describe as “Safe mode” with an attenuated signal. Changing the DAC the volume fixes this.

My conversion settings are all at default in “Device set up”
Head room at -3
DSP engine is enabled and all sample rates are at default.

Some times I can go hours with out the issue, other times just a few song changes.
I don’t notice the issue switching between CD and HD recordings any more than just track changes.
Tidal switches seem worse, but I am not sure.

Thank you very much,

Thank you Paul/ged-hickman1
I am a bit confused. Will Roon send me something? How will I know when diagnostics package arrives?
Forgive me, I am a brand new enthusiast

@support haven’t yet been on yet. When they chip in they may have further suggestions. Though that thread did imply that there may not be a fix other than changing roon settings. Wait for the professionals to arrive :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you!

Hello @Christopher_Seiffe,

Can you please try enabling Sample Rate Conversion in your DSP settings and then setting it to Max PCM Rate and let me know if the issue still occurs? This setting should look like this:

If it does not occur anymore after making this change, you might be seeing this issue which we are aware of (DAC issues with XMOS usb chipset and Roon on Linux)


Since changing my settings per your recommendation, I have yet to have failure occur again. So good news so far. I have noticed I get a bright blue star at my DAC that indicates the source is getting upsampled to 348KB. Since I am not bright purple, is there any signal degrading happening? Just curious as it is a change.
Thanks agin for your help; I will let you know if I have the issue again.

Hello @Christopher_Seiffe,

Thanks for making that change and confirming that it resolves the issue. You can read about what the blue and purple stars mean on our Signal Path Documentation, and I would fully expect a blue star when applying DSP as per our KB doc:

Enhanced signal paths are indicated by a bright blue light. This means that Roon is performing some signal processing steps on the audio because you asked for them . The most common reason for a blue light is that features like Volume Leveling or DSP Engine are in use.

Please follow the I linked above for any new updates on this issue: