Roon fails to add new music entered in JRiver 18 program

My music collection was entered in my computer in the JRiver 18 program. When I setup the Roon software, the program picked up all of the music files that I had in JRiver 18 as of the date I added Roon to my computer. I also set up the watched folder for my music. However, the Roon program is not picking up any of the music I have ripped. I have tried “force rescan” several times and no new music appears.

Hi Alex,

Where is your music library stored (local drive or NAS)?
Sometimes “real time scanning” is not so good with NAS folders (limitation of the event that the NAS produces).

Thus try stopping and restarting Roon, sometime that kick-starts importing … and lets us know how you get on.

All my music files are stored on my computer’s hard drive. Roon picked up all the files that were stored on my computer at the time I installed Roon, but nothing that I ripped to my computer after that time. I am not a computer expert (I am over 65), but I have tried “force rescan” many times without any results. I also checked the JRiver tech support site to see if there was any identified problems with Roon, but I found nothing relevant. I have a Tidal subscription, and Roon is working perfectly with music imported from Tidal.

Hi again,

Can you check where these new ripped files are located on your hard disk.
I’m wonder if the ripping application (say dBpoweramp or similar) is creating them in a folder that is outside the folders that Roon is watching.

Also, did you try stopping and restarting Roon?