Roon fails to group some tracks (2)

Content you’re reporting an issue with

Endellion String Quartet: Beethoven Complete String Quartets

Have you made any edits to this content in Roon?


Is the album identified in Roon?


Is this content from local files, TIDAL, or Qobuz?

It should be from local files but it isn’t always.

Screenshot of import settings

Description of the issue

I have reported this before and was really cheesed off, not only because the discussion was closed and I could no longer react, but especially since the final remark by Triple Crotchet Tony, which “solved” nothing but merely restated that this is a common problem with Roon was marked as the “solution”!!! (see Roon fails to group some tracks - #9 by tripleCrotchet). Now I loaded a new set of albums and the problem reappears, despite having set the import options to use only my naming conventions.
Here is an example:

Those entries starting with “Beethoven:” follow my naming conventions, the others do not. Why is Roon overriding my naming convention? Why is this not being remedied and apparently hasn’t been for some time?

If your files are tagged with WORK and PART tags, you can use your own strings for multi-part compositions from these two tags. Go to the album editor → edit album and scroll all the way down to the bottom, there you can find the options for multi-part composition grouping.

I am only responding because you have specifically mentioned me and the system has alerted me. I am not the one that marked my post as a “solution” by the way. I am just another user, same as you.

There is no real “solution” to your issue but you do have several options, including your own preference that roon work in a different way. If you would prefer roon to work in a different way then you need to create a feature request.

As several have pointed out, the only way to preserve your homegrown Classical naming conventions is to unidentify the albums. Of course, then you will loose much of the functionality that is the point of roon.

If you want a consistent display you have to comply with roon’s WORK / PART naming conventions rather than your own homegrown one. You should also change all your composers from your home grown convention of LASTNAME, FIRSTNAME (BIRTH-DEATH) to the roon convention of FIRSTNAME LASTNAME, so you do not get the duplicate composers in your screenshot.

There is no combination of preferences in your import section that I am aware of that will both preserve your naming convention and allow roon to identify your content at both album and composition levels.

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My criticism was not directed at you, but at whoever marked your answer as a “solution”. I take exception though at the calling my tagging “Homegrown” which needs to be brought in-line with that of Roon. This is not just denigrating it is also wrong. First, my solution follows (now old) MP3 tagging conventions, and Roon’s tags are even more homegrown since they do not even follow an established convention (though I realise they may be essential to achieve what they are trying to achieve with works and their parts). Second, Roon should not pretend in the set-up that a user’s own naming convention can be chosen when they are not (or only in the case of works consisting of a single part). Third, renaming thousands of classical works so as to comply with Roon’s naming conventions is absurd, especially since soon another music app may hit the market that is even better/cheaper than Roon and they may use their won conventions which do not conform to those of Roon.

I have no further suggestions for you Luke so I will not be engaging any further. Good luck with your search for a solution.

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I kind of found one, I think, by giving up entirely on trying to impose my own conventions on Roon.

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