Roon falsely marks tracks from Qobuz albums as unavailable

Roon marks the first and third movement of the Triple Concerto with the red “Unavailable“ label and greys out the playback options. However, the Qobuz app itself plays these tracks perfectly. Re-identification and re-adding the album both did not help.

Has anybody else experienced this situation, or can @support provide a hint to solve the problem?


Yep I flagged this behaviour but in the opposite way. It was flagged as available in Roon but wasn’t in Qobuz so they failed to play.

I believe roon and Qobuz are working on a number of synch issues still, good to flag them up.

Does anyone know an easy way of filtering on unavailable Qobuz tracks in roon? I remember this happening with several but I added anyway. Everything is out of order date added since the 401 build release and I cannot remember.