Roon for Linux [done in 1.2]

I am not sure if this question has been asked before.

Are you planning a Linux version of Roon? If yes, when?


It’s a definite, but trailing other priorities … I’m hopeful we’ll see something this side of December because as much as Roon’s just about ticking all the boxes I wanted ticked in a music server & UI, I really cannot see myself running a Windows OS as music server with all the pain points, updates, vulnerabilities and other vagaries that come with it, especially not when the OS has to be Internet facing and the integrity/availability of my music library depends on Windows.

Slimmed down server version (incl Linux) - Considered -

@o0OBillO0o - windows and mac are still on schedule, but Linux is more work than originally expected… especially since we added a bunch of new audio stuff in the first few releases post-launch.

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@danny I added the changes to to the list Pinned: Considered Feature requests

@danny, any chance of an indication re when the headless server and endpoint for Linux will be available?

Ubuntu Snappy seems like it might be a good fit for reploying RoonSpeakers? Compatible with Dockers.

Still holding out for Linux here.

Having turned my back on Windows (pushing 10 years ago) I tried it again with my Roon touchscreen, which runs under Windows 8.1. It is a terrible disappointment. So my core will be Linux and I’ll just have to wait for Roon to have the time to make that a reality.

Agreed… no Linux, no Roon for me. It’s that simple.

I’m just hoping for it before my free Server 2012r2 trial expires.

Has anyone tried AP-Linux ?

Looks like an interesting installation for RoonServer.

IMO where we REALLY should want to see Linux in Roon is in small, fast, efficient endpoints. Granted I’d really enjoy plain old Roon that runs on my Unbuntu desktop. But it’s the endpoints that I’m really hoping they’ll run under Linux. And IMO they should turn straight to the Logitech Media Server Linux forum, where they’ve been supporting media playing on light and tight Linux kit for a very long time. But that brings me back to andybob’s comment…

If RoonSpeakers (whenever that arrives) is really not a product (not hardware, not software) but actually some kind of network protocal, what software will the endpoints run? RoonServer?

If so, I +1 andybob’s comment! :wink:

Roon runs on a core and remotes. Cores and remotes are connected to endpoints (configured as zones), but Roon does not run on the endpoint. As I understand it RoonSpeakers is not a separate program, but will form part of Roon and will enable a much wider selection of network connected zones (currently just AirPlay and Meridian). Endpoints may run an operating system, but Roon doesn’t impose any constraint or requirement on that operating system because it doesn’t run on it.

[quote=“scolley, post:12, topic:2116”]
IMO where we REALLY should want to see Linux in Roon is in small, fast, efficient endpoints.
[/quote]My music collection already resides on a dedicated server running Arch Linux. The server has more than enough grunt to run Roon headless for streaming to suitable endpoints. I see no reason to have to switch to a Windows based OS to host my music or to have to deploy more hardware just to have a Windows based headless Roon server simply point back to my music collection. I also don’t want a PC/server or laptop in my listening space - I’ll stream to an endpoint (wired or wireless) and control playback via a tablet. I do all this already, all that’s missing is the metadata rich UI that Roon brings. As soon as Roon provides a Linux based headless server and ability to turn low powered device like a Pi or Wandboard into an endpoint I’m in for a lifetime license, probably two.

I’m with you there! My ARM based Cubox-I running Archlinux, LMS and Squeezelite is da’ bomb. But its web based interface leave a lot to be desired. It’s enough for me to drop it entirely and replace it with the - universally praised - Roon interface. But the lack of Linux is what’s holding me back from a Lifetime license also. As I understand it, there are three ways Roon could supply us with Linux software.

  • First, the Roon software could be ported to Linux. That would make me
    happy, because Roon can be used as a remote. And it would be nice to
    have a Roon remote on the Ubuntu PC I use as a desktop (typing on it
    now). And while it could be used as an endpoint and/or a core, I’m
    not sure why anyone would because if Roon Labs can release Roon in
    Linux, I think it’s a safe bet that RoonServer in Linux would follow
    very shortly after. Which brings me to…
  • Second - RoonServer. I’ve not been able to determine the true
    minimum memory requirement of RoonServer (I’ve been trying), but it’s
    definitely less that four. But it needs to be less than two (leaving
    room for the GUI-less OS) to get it to fit on some of the various ARM
    based platforms: Cubie Truck, Cubox-i, Utilite, and Odroid U3/Exynos.
    Though I’d be shocked if it ever ran well on the rest of the ARM
    pack; Pi, Pi2, Udoo, Beablebone, or C1 due to their 1GB (or less)
    RAM. But for the previously mentioned 2 GB RAM devices, it would
    allow a very inexpensive core that consumed very little power. And
    arguably much more secure than a Mac or Windows PC. But for my money,
    it’s the third place it could go that’s so important…
  • Third - Endpoint. Many of us (Audiomuse, myself, and others on the
    fourm) are really uncomfortable (to put it mildly), having a PC or
    Mac anywhere near their hifi. And if you are utilizing USB input on
    your DAC, at present you are stuck with it using Roon. I’m anxious
    for that to change. Roon on Linux will not likely NOT be a solution
    for that problem, as it would likely have resource requirements that
    would keep it off ARM devices for some time. But RoonServer - if they
    can get it into 2 GB RAM, could be just the ticket on the 2GM ARM
    devices. And if RoonSpeakers winds up as a low RAM, not-too-CPU
    hungry client that runs on Linux, that would be perfect, as it
    would allow it to run on PI2’s and most everything else.

Well, that’s how I see the landscape and opportunities anyway. Can’t wait to see how Roon Labs solves this one for us. If they can get a low RAM (2 GB or less) ARM based RoonSever and/or endpoint worked out, they are going to open themselves up to a HUGE community, that - due to Roon’s wonderful interface - I suspect will welcome Roon with open arms.

The server will never run adequately on something like a cubox, which is ideal as an endpoint.

I’d say their priorities for linux should be (and most likely are), in order: endpoint, headless server, (maybe) client.

Agreed - presuming said endpoint will be able to run one of the ARM devices previously discussed, or something similar.

I would disagree & say that the priority should be for a Linux build for headless servers.
That way we can run Roon / RoonServer on our (where capable) NASs.

Good point. And I think that’s something Roon Labs is going to have to factor in. Roland, you are most interested in running a RoonServer on a NAS. That would be cool But for myself (and some others), the top priority is getting PCs, Macs, and other noisy electronics (which could include a NAS) away from our precious hifi gears. So unfortunately they’re going to have to figure out which to tackle. And that’s why I wrote my long post above… to clarify that “Roon on Linux” - as stated in the thread title - is not just one thing. It could be at least three different things. Which one(s) will the folks at Roon Labs choose?

I was just assuming the endpoint software is easier, and a building block for the server. But I could be wrong.