Roon forgets audio device settings daily

Running latest Roon on Win7, feeding AVR from HDMI output. Got it to pass DVD-A hi res audio rips by enabling the AMD HD WASAPI audio device with all the necessary settings for Exclusive Mode, 7.1 channels, sample rate, etc. Works great. Saved all settings with a zone name.

Can exit Roon and restart and it’s still there.

But each time I reboot the computer the saved settings are gone. Like they never existed. Have to create the output device again.

Any ideas how to make this stick?

ETA: It may be related with what device the PC sees at the HDMI output when powered up. I’ll advise if I find a pattern.

Try making sure the attached device is on and the input selector is for that HDMI input and then start Roon and see if it makes a difference.

Thanks much. Yes, that does make a difference for Roon. I have to make sure the playback system is on and set to the specific HDMI input before powering up the Roon PC.

Had not thought of that because Kodi didn’t care as it only served up my stereo CDs. With Roon it’s more particular but it’s nice to have access to 5.1 DVD-A.