Roon Frontend on Multitouch Display, Compute Stick recommendations?

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I’m very new to the whole Roon Software and concept. But I think this will be the end of my journey. At the beginning of this year I build up a whole new Homeserver (my old Syno NAS was too old and too slow), so I got me and my Family another Solution. Went from All in One NAS to a completely self build unraid Server. Runs pretty well. First gave PLEX a try for Media serving, but only the Video part. Was never satisfied about the music part. After a few tests for handling my music collection (subsonic, airsonic, beets, LogitechMediaServer, …) I ended up testing Roon. Got here by searching the web for music library server on unraid and/or Docker. airsonic ran pretty well, but the way music is served to the enduser is not that what I wanted. Actually I`m in the 14 day free trial but I think this is exactly what I wanted. Especially for multiroom/zone.
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I’m planning to buy a 22" or 23" multitouch Display for presenting and controlling my Collection. There`s no need for audio Playback, it shoul just be something like a nice, large remote controll for my collection.
My plan was to buy some kind of HDMI compute stick with Windows 10 installed on it, but what are the recommendations for the hardware part of this stick ? The plan was to buy something with 4GB of Ram and 64GB of storage. What do you think about this? This stick is connected by Wifi to the local Network. Or would it be better to buy some kind of mini PC with a classical Ethernet Port ? I mean my favorite would be the stick (small form factor, quiet, less power consumption).

Greetings from a new Roon loving user

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Hi! And Welcome!
I think you’d be best off by skimming through the Getting Started Section of Roon KB:
Roon Labs | Getting Started Knowledge Base

But the takeaway is that you need a decently capable “computer” running Roon Core somewhere on your network. I’m sure the compute stick could be used as an audio endpoint, or “screen” but it will not do as Core.

Hey, I’m currently running Roon Core on my Server. Everything fine.
Just wanted a Windows 10 machine with a 22 inch touchscreen Monitor and I don’t know if this mini PC / Cumpute Stick has to have 2GB / 4GB or more Ram. So I need some helb for this. Just for the controlling part. Access to the Server with Android Tablet / Smartphone isn’t that nice it should be.

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Hey guys, first off all Thanks for the comments. But thats not what I wanted to know. I`m searching for a Windows 10 Mini PC or Compute Stick to work with a 22" Touch Screen Monitor. Something like a Dell, hanspree, HP.
But I think a PC with 4 Gigs of ram and some kind of Intel Atom CPU shoul just be fine for what I want to do.

Superhappy with my setup with a Hannspree 21.5" monitor and a Chromebox from Acer attached to the VESA mount. Running the Roon app from Play Store. Works excellent! Faster to boot, lightweight (on CPU and RAM). Recommended.

Ohh, thanks for the extra tipp. Did not know such Chromeboxes, only the Chromebooks. Will have a closer look at it. Which one do you have? With Intel Celeron oder i3,5,7 CPU ?

Pretty sure it would work just great with lower specs as well

A celeron or pentium with 4gb should work fine as a remote. Can you get that on a stick? Not sure about atom. It would probably work. 64gb is probably enough disk for roon and the os if you’re not using it for anything else.

Yeah, I think nowerdays 64GB hard disk is the minimum. But okay. I`ll leave a comment when I made my decision :wink:

Hey guys, just wanted to inform you about my current setup.

Found a used Dell 22" Touchscreen Monitor. Looks absolutely new. And to run roon on it I also bought a used Minisforum Mini PC. It runs Windows 10 Pro, has 4 Gigs of ram and 64 gigs of disk space. Runs very smooth for me. Maybe I’ll find the time next days to upload some pictures.