Roon Full Screen mode "close application" option

HI, I run Roon on my laptop in full screen and wondered if there is a way to close the application within pressing the windows key and closing it via the icon (or the task manger). It would be nice to have a “close application” option within the software itself. Or am I missing it?

Having an on screen close option when applications are running in kiosk / full screen mode is atypical.
Are you able to press F11 to switch Roon out of full screen mode?

Yes I am able to close full screen mode, my point is I don’t want to and wanted to know if it can be closed from full screen?



Alt-F4 will still close the application in fullscreen mode, assuming you are using Windows.

Sorry, if my reply was somewhat implicit, … if it were possible I would have said so and not offered an alternative.

For clarity…

It is not possible to close the Roon application from within the application when it is running in full screen mode.

I’ve moved your topic over to the feature requests category, let’s see what traction it gathers.

Cheers Carl.

I don’t see it being in huge demand as its easy enough to close by other means and members have other features that are more important they want adding.

Would be nice one day though.