Roon generated playlist questions

@eric If I created a playlist in Roon, what are my options to move that to TIDAL?

Is it possible to create a TIDAL playlist out of the TIDAL tracks in Roon?


Worse comes to worse, I could export the Roon playlist (is this possible?) and use soundiiz to map it to TIDAL, but seriously… :slight_smile:

Hi @miguelito — If I am understanding your question(s) correctly, please do correct me if I am wrong, you’d like to create a playlist in Roon comprised of TIDAL content and then move that over to TIDAL? Am I understanding that correctly?

From our knowledge base article " importing playlists":

Playlists you have marked as a Favorite in your TIDAL account will appear in your Playlists in Roon.

Playlists imported from TIDAL are not editable in Roon at this time, and Roon does not support syncing playlists back to TIDAL. If you want to edit your TIDAL playlists in Roon, you can Save a Local Copy in Roon by clicking the 3 dots icon and select Edit at the top of the playlist’s detail screen.

You can also browse for Tidal playlists in Roon by selecting Tidal from the main navigation sidebar. If you find a playlist that you like, select it, click the 3 dots icon and select Edit and Save A Local Copy.


Yes exactly. I have some playlists in Roon that are made up entirely of TIDAL tracks and would like to move them to TIDAL. I am ok if it involved some wacky exporting of the Roon playlist followed by using Soundiiz or similar, but none of that seems to be available.

Make the playlist in Tidal then import to Roon to use it there?

Hi @miguelito — Thank you for confirming that information for me, appreciated!

As you can see from our KB article listed above, unfortunately there is no way that a playlist generated in Roon that is made up of TIDAL content can be placed back into TIDAL.


I would have but right now the playlist is in Roon, which is why I am asking. I have plenty of TIDAL-based playlists.

It has been a long time since the last answer on this and we just all received this Roon update. Why can’t this feature of exporting playlists out of Roon be developed because due to multiple devices and accounts, many would like to use Soundiiz. For example, I cannot use Roon on my phone but I would like to use Tidal, but I don’t have access to my Roon playlists that are comprised of Tidal and library tracks. If this is covered elsewhere and can be done, can I get a pointer to that thread?

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