Roon genre confusion

I recently started using Roon and have been really impressed with it so far.
However, I’m having some issues with my genre mappings, and subsequently, the ‘focus’ feature.

I’ve enabled the setting to extract genre tags from my files, and also selected all my albums to apply this setting retroactively. I can see now that all my albums have the exact genre tags I set in the file tags, so that is fine.

However, I am unable to find certain genres when using the focus feature.
For example, if I search for ‘Black metal’, I can only find a large number of related (sub)genres and combinations, but not this one specifically:

If I go into Library Settings → Genre Mappings, I can see the ‘Black metal’ tag there, and it is mapped to a Roon genre ‘Black metal’, which seems fine:

But why won’t this “broad” genre label show up in the focus list?
Furthermore, if I click on ‘edit’ in the Genre Mappings entry, I also cannot find the ‘Black metal’ Roon genre:

I’m having the same issue for a large number of other genres, which makes it really hard to find what I’m looking for, even though I am using the genre tags from my files.
I’ve also cleaned up my library, but this didn’t change anything related to the genre data, it seems.

Does anyone have any idea what the problem might be, and how I could fix it?
I wouldn’t mind taking out a bunch of hours to fix my genre mappings manually, but some just don’t seem to show up in ‘Focus’, and I’m not sure why…

Hi @Jort_Cenens,

Thank you for getting in touch with your question. We’d be happy to take a look.

From your screenshots, it doesn’t look like you have any albums that are tagged only as Black Metal. What I’m seeing are combination genre tags that are more unique to your library, such as Black Metal / Drone.

As a test, if you map that Black Metal / Drone to Black Metal then use the Focus tool is Black Metal a Focus option? And does it pull up the associated album?

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