Roon Genres not display on album view

Hoping not to sound too ignorant, but once creating a bookmark per the recent Roon Mastery email how do you link albums to that bookmark… and can user link my tags to it?

Bookmarks are for the things you see on a screen in Roon. Same concept as in a web browser. To add an album to the bookmark, you need to create a screen that includes this album, e.g. by using Focus and/or tags. The bookmark let’s you bring up the same selection quickly. (Focus content is dynamic though and always shows whatever fits the criteria)

Unfortunately, you can’t update an existing bookmark; you have to create a new one (and delete the old one) which is a bit annoying. There is at least one open feature suggestion topic for that.

You can bookmark a screen that was created by tags.

I am a bit confused by the title of this topic which doesn’t really reflect the question?

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Thanks for the bookmark explanation, works great.

Apologies for the confusing title - it pertained to an earlier issue never sent and I forgot to delete it on this query. The issue was does Roon populate both native Roon genres and any additional end-user selected genres on an album home page. It does. Still learning…

Glad it works. FYI, you should probably see an edit icon next to the title of topics you created, like so:

(If you don’t see it, you don’t post enough :slight_smile: and your forum trust level is still too low. It will appear later)

And for editing posts, if you ever need that, there should be a similar icon below each of your posts.

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