Roon has less Similar Artist than Tidal

I was having discussion about how great Roon was with similar artist compared to Tidal itself when someone posted the following.

Falloch has 1 on Roon, 3 on Tidal.

Paysage D’Hiver has 0 on Roon, 4 on Tidal

Tribulation has 0 on Roon, 5 on Tidal

Portal has 0 on Roon, 2 on Tidal

For relative unknowns, Roon has absolutely nothing.

I checked these for myself and found it’s accurate. Not only did I think Roon get’s it data from but I see that Tidal says that’s where it gets it data. How come Tidal would have more info on these artists?

For a band like R.E.M. is found over 100 similar, followed, influenced combined in Roon and only 10 total similar in Tidal. So in that case, Roon is amazing. But in the examples above, I’m disappointed to find out that’s true.

I figured it out. Roon pulls from related tab and Tidal pulls from Last.FM.

So is there any chance of adding Last.FM and/or any other sources of data to have the best metadata?

I’ll be following this. Very interesting and truly the core of the Roon experience.