Roon has removed my albums I added to the library

I just had an issue that Roon has “unchecked” all of the albums I added. I went through and “checked” thousands of albums from Qobuz database and now they are “unchecked” and removed from the library. Anyone have suggestions?? Thanks

I did that and it didn’t add the “checked” Qobuz albums

Log out of Qobuz and log back in.
There was (and may still be) an issue where Qobuz was losing albums but they come back into Roon after a while. If they are in Qobuz then they should show up in Roon. I have Tidal and not Qobuz, but that’s exactly how that works.

This has been a known issue with Qobuz in Roon.
I use Qobuz and it’s happened to me once. They came back after a couple of days. Whilst waiting, you can still see them inside Roon under the Qobuz tab.
Annoying but not end times. Panic is optional.

The strange thing is that my playlists from Qobuz show up in Roon database but not the albums I added to the Roon database from Qobuz.

Hahah—yeah no panic, just annoyed and trying to solve this puzzle! Thanks for all the responses. I actually was using Roon while it happened and all of sudden I watched the database vanish—it was about 4000 albums that “vanished”


Same happened to me a few months back, just sat there and watched it count down until only local library was present.
As you say, it is annoying. But it’s temporary :+1:

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