Roon, HQP and Musicbook DSD

Sometimes I feel like a zombie navigating these woods. :neutral_face:

Maybe I’ve read too many posts or, not enough but… I changed my app inside the app switcher on my microrendu to HQ player. The only thing that happened was inside of roon, no more Musicbook DSD zone and of course no more music. Then I read that you can still use roon and HQ player as the output software. I can’t even determine how in heck to look inside of HQ’s software!


When you did that, you changed the mR from a Roon endpoint into an HQPlayer Network Audio Adapter (NAA). To use the mR as an NAA, you need to have HQPlayer Desktop running on a fairly powerful computer on your network. This could be the same machine on which you run Roon Core, or a different one. Once you have HQP Desktop configured with the upsampling/filtering settings of your choice and so HQP can communicate with the NAA, then you can configure HQP Desktop (not the NAA) as a network device in Roon. The purpose of this is so you can use Roon as the front end of your playback system and HQP as the back end. Sort of a best-of-all-possible-worlds thing.

Sound crazy? Just switch the mR back to its RoonReady config. (And I don’t want to set off a firestorm, but I have to say that with all of Roon’s recent DSP improvements, the compelling reasons to use Roon/HQP integration — to which I was devoted until this week — seem a lot less compelling.)

Thanks for the quick reply.

I have the Sonic Transporter i5. HQ player shows up in the microrendu app setting but not the Sonic Transporter settings or app menu. The roon core runs on the Sonic Transporter, or at least I assume it does.

This I’m sure is a really dumb question, well another one but, how do I launch that app? I see it, I select it then great it’s selected. But as I mentioned, no music.

Now to your last statement, I discovered inside roon’s DSP engine the parametric equalizer. Now my ~75Hz peakiness is removed :wink: I was interested in too, using Dirac live to export a file to REW or to HQplayer if that’s possible and fix my weird bass issue. I say weird because I never had any issues until I took possession of my current speakers of choice. I’m very enthusiastic about them but feel like the room isn’t playing a major role in my bloated bass. Again though, bass sounds better and maybe now I’ll rewire the woofers back to out of phase with the mid/tweets and re-correct. It’s just interesting to me to have another tool in the toolbox.

You’re correct — the Roon Core (more precisely, Roon Server) runs on the sonicTransporter. Again, when you select HQPlayer as the active app on the microRendu, you’re reconfiguring the microRendu as an HQPlayer NAA. if you want the microRendu to work with just Roon, you need to configure it as a RoonReady endpoint.

The missing piece in your puzzle is HQPlayer Desktop. I don’t think there’s any supported way to run HQPlayer Desktop on the sonicTransporter (but you could ask @agillis about that). If you want HQP Desktop as part of your software mix, you’ll need to run it on a separate computer (probably i5-based or better) on your network. You can download a trial version of HQP Desktop here (scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page). The HQP manual is included with the download. IMO, you’ll want to look over the manual pretty carefully before you start using HQP.

You can not run HQplayer on your sonicTransporter. If you want to use HQplayer you need to install it on your computer.

Thanks. Well just as it is with a tweak to my woofers Sat. morning all I’ve been saying while listening to my system is “unbelievable”. My wife too is amazed at just how the MusicBook along with the MR and Transporter is playing.

Now I’m inclined to leave the HQplayer out of it and just enjoy

Plan is to write a review after a few more hours on the equipment and perform some DAC comparisons along with a duplicate set of Mini X’s with stock xover parts. My Usher Towers (mini X’s on top) are heavily modded.