Roon HQP - Blue star light in audio signal path


I need an explanation about the different blue lights in the signal path

Capture d’écran 2021-02-25 à 20.29.38

I use Roon + HQP on Mac
here are my HQP settings:

I only use PCM
my DAC accepts 24/96
I do not understand why the blue light is not the same at all steps, the most optimal identical to the source when this one is in 24/96?
it becomes clearer, less optimal? is it right ?
while my file is the same as the original
I do not apply any setting in Roon
I don’t know how to interpret these variant lights
thanks a lot

This should help:

Thanks a lot David
the Bright blue light is better than bright purple light
so it’s OK like that :wink:

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Not better - different. The purple indicates bit perfect. The blue star means that something is being done to the audio stream aka “Enhanced”. You will notice that it is purple, aka bit perfect, until it hits HQPlayer. It is blue for HQPlayer because you are upsampling and thus “doing something to the audio stream”.