Roon + HQP File Type


I use HQP with Roon. HQP prefers AIFF files. I realize Roon converts ALAC files for HQP.

My question is, if its an AIFF file, does Roon pass the original AIFF files onto HQP? Or does Roon convert all files into something else for HQP? If yes, what does the file then become on its way to HQP?


I am curious. How does HQPlayer “prefer” AIFF?

But as to Roon, it does not output file types. Roon decodes all files and outputs gapless streams, either PCM or DSD.


Probably not the best way to describe it. However, on its own, HQP doesn’t play ALAC files.

There are those who feel HQP sounds better with AIFF than FLAC. And yes, HQP doesn’t play ALAC.


Those sorts of feelings aren’t limited to people who use HQP. (Personally, I try not to have feelings about lossless file formats. :slight_smile: )

True. My primary intent was to figure out if its worth converting my best ALAC stuff to AIFF. Yes, I know about compressed vs uncompressed. Yet there are yet other “those” who believe ALAC converted to AIFF sounds better than just ALAC.

I’ve also tried all sorts of alternatives to use HQP without Roon as I feel Roon is way overpriced. Including dragging albums directly from iTunes into HQP and using HQP as a player. Which, in iTunes land, only works with AIFF.

But that’s a bit wonky. So I sit at a table, staring the end of my Roon trial in the eye - and begrudgingly debating whether or not to commit to something I have tepid feelings about.

Roon is great, with a few caveats, just don’t get the pricing at all… wish they had basic version that just worked as a HQP front end. I really don’t need all the meta data type stuff…

When Roon/HQP integration first came along, I was thrilled because it meant I could use HQP to play back my entire library without having to convert all my ALAC files.

Since then, especially with improvements to Roon’s DSP capabilities, and I guess because of my system and personal tastes, I don’t feel compelled to use HQP as my back end; I’m fine with Roon by itself. I still occasionally A–B Roon vs HQP as a perceptual check, and I accept that with HQP‘s more extreme filters, it can sound more different from Roon, but for me and my preferred HQP settings, the difference isn’t worth the extra computing resources and complexity.

All that aside, Roon really grabbed me from the moment I first got it up and running. I went for the lifetime subscription when my trial expired, and it’s only offered more value over time. These days I get a lot of use out of the multi-zone capabilities, and since the release of v1.4, I listen to Roon Radio much more frequently. Obviously, this is all highly subjective; each user needs to make his/her own decision about whether Roon’s worth the money.