Roon in a container. Internet Radio stopped workin

I am running Roon in a container, and have been doing so for some time. It works fine. I rebuild the image (using an ansible playbook) whenever there is a new version.

Works fine. But now internet radio is not longer working.

So how do I debug this? Is there a way to get more logging out of it?

Is this a new issue for you? If so, there’s a fairly widespread outage at the moment. Something infrastructural - not if sure if it’s AWS, Azure, something else. If it’s not a new issue, then I don’t have a theory. I run in a Docker container and I don’t have an issue with internet radio nor do I have a theory for why it might be relevant that you’re running in a container.

This isn’t relevant to your issue, but I don’t understand why you need to rebuild your image when there’s an update (assuming you mean a Roon update and not an OS update). As long as you’re mapping some host directory into “/app”, you should be able to get Roon updates without the need for a new image. I’ve been doing it that way for years.

Well, it used to work without issues for a long time. But since a few weeks I it does not work…

Regarding the rebuilding of the image: Yes, I know I could do it differently. I might look in to that.

So I have now moved to using the docker container from elgeeko. Works fine. Has the same issue. Radio is not working.

So my question still is: How do I find out more. What is the way to teas more information out of roon as to why this does not work? Is there a debug log setting or something?

Don’t know if this helps but I’m using the steefdebruijn/docker-roonserver:latest docker image using build 1388 of roon and the radio stations work.

If it’s not the docker image then I would look at network, location (are stations in other locs or countries working) and possible dns issues. I had issue with some geo location blocking with adguard running on my network.

The only logging I know of in roon is the roon server logs in RoonServer/Logs

Which station? Try BBC Radio 3.