Roon in two Locations, is this possible?

Being retired I am fortunate to be able to go to Florida for the winter for five months each year. Is it possible to switch core locations? What I would like to do is continue to have the core on my PC at home but once in Florida have the core switched to my laptop. I tried to install it last winter and ROON would not allow this even though my PC in Philadelphia was shut down and unplugged. I went for 5 months paying for ROON but not being able to use it. What ROON seems to want is for me to purchase two Cores, one for Philadelphia and one for Florida, not going to happen. Most of the expensive software I used to run allowed one to add the program to one’s laptop so they could work from home or while commuting, why doesn’t ROON allow this type of approach? As long as the main core is off and not running why can’t you be running the core on another machine, like my laptop in Florida?

Maybe the solution is to uninstall on my PC when I am ready to leave for Florida and then reinstall on my laptop once in Florida? I will be with a different internet provider and on a different machine, would this create a problem? I certainly hope there is a solution other than taking my workstation to Florida each year?

I realize a ROON nucleus could be an option but I already pay ROON enough and my workstation works perfectly with the Core. I believe my laptop will also work well with the core since it has a very fast processor and lots of RAM. The laptop used to run AutoCAD easily.

Anyone know of a solution other than what I have suggested?

Something obviously went wrong the last time you tried it, because the scenario of switching a license between locations is supported, and does not depend on having both Cores switched on and running.

That’s because the Authorization “switch” resides at Roon Labs - not in the devices…

You could test this; have both Cores (on your PC and your laptop) in the same physical location, switch off your PC and then fire up Roon on your laptop. You should get the authorization request, and be able to switch your license to your laptop without issue.

I use 2 locations almost daily, I have one setup at home and one at work. It shouldn’t matter whether your core is shutdown or powered on you should still be able to transfer the license and switch between the 2 cores.

One trick I can say is that once in a while it wont popup to unauthorize the last device so I just reboot the core and that fixes the issue.

Maybe you could try installing it on the laptop again and if you have trouble you could post here and we could try to help. You can always @ me and if I’m on I will help :slightly_smiling_face:

I am glad to hear this, I cannot figure out why it was not apparent to me how to shut off one core so the other will activate but will give it a try today. Thank you for such a fast response.

Thank you for your suggestion. I am going to try later today and see what happens. My potential issue will be just figuring out where the switch is to turn one Core off so the other will function. Is it a pop up or on a drop down menu?

You should be able to just power off the core.

Just turn off your PC.

When you start up Roon on your laptop, you may get a screen like this:

If you do, then click the “Uauthorize” button, and you should be up and running.

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Hi Michael, yes it is possible - family living in the UK using a VPN connection with ROON server in Europe. Simultaneously listening to music from ROON Library is no problem. As I am retired to :slight_smile: and like to listen to my music during long walks … in the Forest.

I would still like to use the same Roon library in 2 locations simultaneously, of course paying for 2 licenses, and it saddens me that this seems to be impossible.

Copy your music to a USB drive and take it with you. If you want to use it simultaneously, of course you need two licenses.

I only wish I was computer savvy enough to know how to set up a VPN connection. I guess though you need to have the machine with your Core running 24/7 to be able to connect. If I am in another State then I am not sure I would want that. It is interesting and would be nice to understand in more detail.

Just knowing now that I can load the Core on both my PC and Laptop and run Roon from either machines, one at a time, makes me happy enough.

You also do not need to shut down your Roon core computer to switch to another core. I frequently switch back and forth between my Nucleus core and Dell core while sitting here at home just so the Dell stays updated with all my recent Tidal and Qobuz album additions to my Roon library. I would rather it sync while I’m connected to my home network vs Verizon cellular data when away from home. My Nucleus runs 24/7/365 for 2 1/2 years.

My point is to use a single Roon Library simultaneously in 2 locations under 2 licences, to have the benefit of the several thousand library edits I have made, which would be mind destroying to duplicate manually. Copying the music files would not achieve this.

If the edits were done in Roon, they are stored in your Roon database on the Roon core computer. They are tied to a given license. You can enter this as a feature request.