Roon individual recommendations from external sources?

I am 2 days into a 14 day trial and I think I am missing something.
Up to now I have used Spotify and have loved among many other things the individual recommendations based for example on either listening to an album or group. (Under the Browse/ Discover). It searches the entire Spotify catalogue. I have discovered much new music this way.
I notice a similar thing using Roon/Tidal, however unless I am mistaken its recommendations are music from your existing library and not “new” albums / music that you don’t already have.
Am I going wrong somewhere ? Any hints to get this essential function working for me would be appreciated.
Otherwise I am enjoying the software but this will be the deciding factor on whether I purchase.
Many Thanks

I was in the same boat as you when I started Roon/Tidal. The feature is not available and we have been told it is in the works.

I agree that such a feature would be a good thing to have but I will tell you something: I love the other facts & features so well that I am willing to use Spotify for the recommendations (as well as semi-mindless on the go “radio” listening) & then just take note of whatever catches my ear to search for later, either from HDTracks or other dealers of digital music. Such as they are. If I really can’t find something any other way, I’ll buy a cd to rip If audio format matters to you, as it does to me, I think For Mac users anyway, Roon can’t be beat, despite its somewhat daunting (at first) complexity. By contrast, if you think MP3 or AAC are just as good as lossless, then you don’t need to spend the money on this software. I the think that the more I use Roon the more I learn about audio, which in turn enriches the experience with the software, and ultimately - of course - with the music.