Roon - Innuos - Audiophilleo 2 + Power Pack - Thoughts/Options?

I have just acquired an Audiophilleo 2 and I’m trying out some options in my system.

Over on the Naim forums (I’m running all the above into a Naim Nova) I’ve had lots of help and guidance setting it up (I’m quite useless quite often in this regard) and all is now running smoothly.

My question is does anyone have any tips for settings or options in Roon to maximise the Audiophilleo’s performance?

I started out with Roon as Core (Experimental) on the Innuos (Zen Mini 3/LPSU) then on a suggestion from Naim forum tried the AP without Roon, using iPeng.
That wasn’t as good sonically at all.

Now I’m back with the Roon Core Experimental mode and the Audiophilleo linking my Innuos ZM3 (USB out) to my Nova (BNC input).

Is there any further tweaks in Roon settings that prove worthwhile?