Roon input interfaces - e.g. from AD-converter and Amazon Prime Music

I‘m using ROON with my Audiodata Music Server since the end of December 2019. And I use the possibility of the Roon filters from DSP. I would like to get the possibility of Roon DSP Filters also with other sources as well, e.g. Analog audio sources via AD converter and then via digital interface e.g. USB or LAN.
Question: Is this possible or will this be possible in the future?

An other question:
Is it also possible to use Amazon Prime Music with Roon? Actually there is no app implemented in Roon for this.

I moved your thread to the tinkering section of the forum where unsupported things like audio input to Roon can be discussed. There are also already several feature requests regarding this. Feel free to add your voice to any of them.

Feel free to add your opinion to any of the existing feature requests regarding the integration of the Amazon music streaming platform but keep in mind that you should also inform Amazon about your wish.

It’s possible to setup an internet radio server and point Roon at it to stream local audio sources. However the latency is fairly significant. I setup this for AirPlay to allow my wife to stream audiobooks and podcasts, but the latency was so bad she stopped using it.

many thanks for your feedback but my idea was to use Roon with DSP room optimization feature with my HighEnd SACD-Player and/or HighEnd Vinyl Player via AD-converter. But poor latency doesn’t make sense for this.

You might have to rethink and use specialized DSP/Room Correction hardware with analog inputs instead. Roon is currently just a source device and not a pre-amplifier (source selector) and I’m not aware of plans to change that. AFAIK the team stated that Roon should be a music player. Period.

I don’t quite agree with this. Roon will still be a music player if an input for other sources is enabled. The “input device” is one of the few features that has been enthusiastically commented by both @brian and @danny here on the forum. They may have changed their minds about it, but I have not seen them saying so.

You know what we need here? A FUSE filesystem. Each input source (turntable, tape deck, microphones) would be a “file” in the filesystem. You’d have Roon index the files (they might have to masquerade as FLAC or some such), and be able to play them.

This is good, but there is no Windows version? I believe Roon depends on all three platforms…

I believe there are client-side implementations for all three major operating systems. I suppose you couldn’t use it with ROCK, though.

Windows has something called the Windows Projected File System, which appears to be a similar kind of thing. Though the simplest thing to do would be to run the FUSE server on a Linux box, and export it as a SAMBA share for Roon Core running on Windows.

I use the DSP option of integration of a convolution filter. My convolution filter .zip file is a professional created 66k filter with correction of timing and volume of frequencies in steps of 0,6 Hz. In my opinion, this convolution filter far exceeds the possibilities of Dirac and others which do audio room adjustment in automatic way.
But anyway I can use Life Radio, Tidal, Qobuz, Dropbox which is integrated in Roon. So why not other digital audio sources which are available via USB or LAN network?
What is the different from technical point of view?
I think using of other digital Audio sources as input should be possible.

Because it’s not integrated in Roon for some reason – most likely because it does not fit the design and/or philosophy behind Roon. Should Roon Labs at some day deliver a version of Roon that has such features you will be able to use 'em.
Until then you have to thinker out a way to (ab)use the present possibilities in Roon to achieve what you want or rethink the way you are doing things right now.

SACDs/LPs can be ripped/digitized (might be harder than with ordinary Audio-CDs) or you can buy the content online – maybe even in higher quality. There is also a possibility to out-source the work to a professional service provider.

Use a hardware or software source selector (pre-amplifier) that you can hook-up your sources, of which Roon is one, to and that allows for Room Correction.

Go the radio station way already mentioned by MenloBob.

Your input stream can’t be integrated as albums and tracks in Roon’s library and there is also no metadata to display.

Same as many internet radio stations, but there is a interface for internet radio in Roon… :slight_smile:

Let us say I ‘rip’ 150 LPs. Two or three per day. I could maybe double that, but I have a family… Then I upgrade my turntable and cartridge. The new player sounds much better than the old. To keep up I will have to ‘rip’ the 150 again. I’d say it is better to simply play the LPs through Roon live.

Exactly, internet radio is supported while turn-tables, DATs, analogue tapes, CD/SACD-players, … are not. Nice you were able to spot it after I and others already told so more than once in this thread. This is also why one can (ab)use the internet radio support to stream other non-supported sources to Roon (involves tinkering – results may not please everyone).

If this is your opinion, then feel free to do so if you’re able to. Alternatives were already presented in this thread.

I like to encourage you and others who might want to have official support for such a feature in Roon to add their voice to one of the existing feature requests that I already linked to in my first post in this thread instead of arguing with me. I am only the messenger.

PS: Because I also like to listen to other sources than Roon on occasions I came to the conclusion that my system has to sound acceptable/pleasing even when I use those other sources and decided to add a DSPeaker Anti-Mode 2.0 to my setup to control the sub-woofer and the room modes triggered by its use instead of using the “freely” (without additional costs) available Roon DSP features for that purpose.

I actually started this thread: Can a local server stream FLAC to Roon? the one with the ‘via radio station’ in it so I have added my support for the function already.
I still believe the feature has a ‘maybe’ status and depends on design time and decisions with developers. If you have inside knowledge that the ‘input device’ will never happen I’d prefer to be told so by you or someone from Roon.

Which is also a Tinkering thread and not a Feature Request thread. I don’t have inside knowledge about future plans of Roon Labs and Brian or Danny, that you already pinged in this thread, were also not showing up until now to share any news on this – which isn’t uncommon as there are usually no comments until something has to be announced.

Some of my thoughts:

While looking at Roon’s current architecture, supported sources are either external (Internet Radio, Tidal, Qobuz) or local files. All material has to go through the Core for processing and house keeping and is then sent to the output device (Remote, Streamer, Bridge). Any device that runs a version of Roon (All-in-One, Server, Bridge or Remote) can be used as output (Zone) and additionally any Roon Ready certified hardware device from partners. To go with this philosophy and add input capabilities to that design you have to change the last sentence to: Any device that runs a version of Roon (All-in-One, Server, Bridge or Remote) can be used as input (Source) or output (Zone) and additionally any some (to be fair) Roon Ready certified hardware device from partners.

Additionally many users seem to have trouble to provide a stable network that allows for glitch free output functionality (often WiFi is used) up to what their output hardware allows for (PCM 384/768 kHz, DSD 512) let alone an additional input stream running in parallel, will be most-likely but don’t have to be from the same device that is used as output, on the same network.

Now you might be able to see why I’m skeptical that such a feature will become a reality in the (near) future. But never say never and let’s hope. :slightly_smiling_face:

I know it is Tinkering. Somewhere in the thread I asked mods (Andrew Cox I think…) if it should be moved. It stayed in Tinkering even if we were discussing a possible feature.

Anyway, thanks for your input. Let’s hope an ‘input device’ turns up at some point. I am sure it will be used by many!

Roon Input Interface:

I seldom use Headphones these days yet the other day used my Headphone set-up, NuPrime-DAC 10H (a roon ready product: DAC + Head Phone Amp + Pre-Amp) with AKG K812 Headphones to listen horizontally!?

So, What? The 2016 NuPrime is connected via a Supra USB cable direct from a NUC roon core AND also via Coax from an ethernet IN Streamer and am able to use the remote to switch between sources (loudness/pressure appeared to be the same). From this simple set-up COAX was clearly more detailed and open.

So, What2? I wonder if USB DAC implementation has vastly improved since 2016 (I think it might have) OR is SPIDF still King OR does a streamer with AES/Coax/Opt/i2S/BNC present a better signal to DAC.

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