Roon integration of Grimm MU1 as an extension

We are using a Nucleus as our Roon Core and the Grimm MU1 as our streaming endpoint (the Grimm is capable of functioning as a Roon core as well, but is not currently configured that way). The issue we are having is that there is not display of what is currently playing in Roon on the front panel of the Grimm, but rather it just says “Roon”. The Grimm manual says to go into the Roon menu and select “extensions” and then enable the Grimm to get the meta-data on the Grimm’s display, but nothing shows up in the Roon menu as an available extension. Where are we going wrong here? Does the Grimm need to be set-up as the core to enable this feature or are we missing something else?

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Since you haven’t categorized your post, I have moved it to Roon API. Moreover, the Grimm MU1 is not a supported Roon device, and the support of extensions, third-party software that uses the Roon API, is handled by the developer.

It is only my guess but please try this:

  • Open Roon Settings/Displays
  • Check if your MU1 is listed here
  • If not I have no more idea
  • If yes Tap the speaker symbol in the lower right corner of the Roon Gui. The volume slider should appear.
  • Above the slider you see a little TV. Tap it and select the MU1 display.

Hope this helps
Best DrCWO

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No that is incorrect.

The Grimm works in a similar way to Ropieee does to get now playing display. You need to enable the extension for it to feed back to the device via Roons api.

If it’s not showing up then it’s either not running or something on the network is blocking its port to communicate to machine itself. I would contact Grimm it’s their problem to solve, Roon do not support 3rd party extensions themselves, it’s down to the developer.


How does the MU1 compare to your previous player? Just curious.

I’m curious why you don’t use the Grimm as a Roon core? I do this, as well as running directly to Grimm LS1s and it works great.

I looked at the MU1 at the internet and wonder about it’s price.
Shure it is a Roon Core plus Streamer plus Custom Upsampler. Also the design is great :+1:

Any idea if there are measurements proofing that the MU1 in combination with one of the High SINAD DACs measured at Audiosciencereview (for example Topping DX7 Pro+) will perform better as the DAC by itself directly connected via USB to a NUC with Roon.

Best DrCWO

I don’t know! I bought it because 1) My Grimm LS1s are the best system I’ve heard so I trust Grimm’s engineering and 2) it seamlessly integrates with the system. I was shocked by what a huge improvement the upsampling makes on mediocre sources. I don’t think as Roon Core it probably makes that much difference over any other Roon Core other than pleasure of use. But over AES it subjectively makes a very noticeable difference. I do not have any measurements though to back this up. If you are interested you should contact Grimm. They have lots of white papers, are super helpful, and love to discuss the technical aspects.

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We use a Roon Nucleus as our core to service all the Roon endpoints throughout the store. I know the Grimm can serve this function, but we thought it best to not put this load on its internal computer. According to Grimm, the MU1/MU2 should be identifiable as a Roon extension, but so far no luck. Grimm is waiting for Roon to certify them as “Roon Ready” (as is Aurender), but Roon seems to be very slow in this process, which is obviously an issue.

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We have used many streamers in our store - from the likes of Antipodes, Innuos, Aurender, etc. The Grimm MU1 is clearly the best sounding of everything we have tried. Whatever they are doing in that little box, it works. I didn’t want to like it for a variety of reasons, but it is so musically compelling that everyone who listens is convinced!


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