Roon Integration with Bryston BDP

Just curious if ant contact has been made and/or if there is anything you can share, with respect to adding RoonSpeakers to the Bryston digital players.

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We are in contact with Bryston. The work here is not difficult, as their system is really clean internally.

Unfortunately, I can’t make statements on any firmware updates or scheduling for Bryston.

Thanks, that’s great news. Their web-based UI is too painful for daily use, IMO, and I’ve stopped using the player, as a result.

That said, Bryston’s MPD playback has amazing sound quality (noticeable improvement over using shairplay or gmediastream (DLNA)). Let’s hope RAAT sounds as good on their hardware.

The path they would take internally would be the best sounding it possibly could be. All RoonReady devices will also have some bonuses like automatic source switching.