Roon Interface Customization


So, I’ve always disliked certain aspects of the roon interface (the blue hues, the vibrant colors in the new update etc) and prior to 1.8, changing the ‘colors’ file with hex values didn’t ever affect my application, even after wiping out caches.
On a whim I decided to try it again and sure enough, it works now on 1.8. So I have a really nice, greyscale and very desaturated, greyish pink interface for roon. Not only that but if you’re so inclined, you can get rid of most branding and change the interface icons by editing the ui_atlas@1x-1.png ui_atlas@1x-2.png ui_atlas@2x-1.png ui_atlas@2x-2.png files.

Just a heads up for anyone else who prefers their own branding / icons.

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And how to change, just this purple (font and bubble) ?? :+1:

Which purple, screenshot?

On the windows Roon client, the file you’re looking for to change is in ‘C:\Users\YOURUSER\AppData\Local\Roon\Application\100800756\Themes\Dark’ called colors (no extension)

I’ll help you change it to the color you want, I just don’t know which purple element you’re referring to.

I’ve had great success editing the image files too, got a custom logo, and a few other changes I wanted to make.

The 2x files are for high res (4k) displays I think.

On Mac, use Open Package to look inside>Contents>Resources>Themes>Dark

and change the hex values for the lines in this block: