Roon ios app frequently crashes on iPhone 12 Pro, using version 1.7 and now 1.8

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Mac Mini (late 2014, 3Ghz i7, 16Gb ram) running macos 11.1.
Roon core 1.8 build 753, but same problem occurred on Roon 1.7.

Roon core on mac mini → wired ethernet into Netgear Switch which is connected to Netgear Orbi router → wired connection (from Netgear Switch) to DCS Bartok

(wired) Ethernet input of DCS Bartok, although this same issue happens if I use the core as the endpoint as well, and connect via USB to a different DAC

Description of problem
Ever since I upgraded my phone to an iPhone 12 Pro (from an iPhone X) the roon ios app crashes frequently. I’ve read the other threads with recommendations about reinstalling things and have tried this. Sometimes I can get an hour or so of use without crashes, but one it starts it generally then crashes every minute or less.
I recently added a Bartok to my system. I was previously running the core and endpoint on the same Mac Mini. The problem happens in both configurations.
It’s pretty much unusable now.

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