Roon IOS app on VPN not connecting to core?

Hi Im using Roon over VPN no issues, working with ipeng on IOS :slight_smile: and can control with the web browser app

I cant get the official roon app to connect to the core, when I’m using VPN :frowning: , any thoughts on this?

I have configured my VPN so that Iphone ip appears to be on the LAN.

I welcome any help, as its very frustrating not being able to setup playlist and tags remotely.


Im just wondering is this a port issue, I’m using VPN on 1194 as normal… is there a certain port for the handshake of this app that needs to be open?

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As far as I know only openvpn TAP will work as the multicast can’t traverse the different network segments of TUN.

Unfortunately TAP doesn’t work from iOS.

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When i tried this last time about a year ago (iphone with openvpn client and roon client connecting to Linux Roon Core with openvpn server) I have found that even if you specify IP address of Roon Core reachable via the vpn, it still does not work. To me it seems like Roon app on iOS does not work with tunnel (tun) interface…

…And officially it’s not currently supported (statement from the Roon team) to have VPN between client and core (what a pity as i would need sometimes to access my library when out of home…)

I use TunnelBear VPN on my iPhone and on my Mac Mini that runs Roon Server. No issues connecting with the Roon app on the iPhone, but the Android app won’t connect.

Thanks for the response, so do you then use iPeng to stream your music? Will give tunnel bear a look :eyes:

Oddly enough now that I moved my Core from my Windows Server 2012R2 box to my iMac, Roon is working over TUN VPN again.

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Tun VPN = TunnelBear vpn? Are you saying you got the Roon IOS pal running flawlessly over vpn, this way? Using iPeng as your end point? I’ve had mixed results with open vpn, the iOS app doesn’t always connect… about 60% of my listening is out the house, but really need the app to work so I can create playlist etc… I’m looking into tunnel bear as we speak. I assume then I just need to open the relevant port and install on core and on my iPhone? Thanks in anticipation

Sorry I was just correcting my TAP vs TUN comment. Roon and OpenVPN TUN is now working for me from my MacBook Pro to my Asus Router. TAP works for sure as it just bridges the networks and hands out the same IP addresses as your home network but as I said TAP doesn’t work from iOS.

Unfortunately Apple Music is the only truly convenient way to get and listen to music on iOS for me. Roon can’t get their mobile solution developed fast enough for me.

Sorry Jeff , you completely lost me… please be patient and explain what your getting at , thanks

@DrTone: Hi, I have a VPN server running on a pfSense router, of the OpenVPN TUN variety which gives the client (Macbook) an address in a different subnet to the LAN. All LAN devices are seen but not the Roon Core (on Mac Mini) from client app. Can you explain a bit more how you got it working with a TUN OpenVPN please? Thanks.

Unfortunately after further use It’s not consistently working. It connects one time and then not the next.

TAP is the only reliable solution.