Roon iOS Endpoint Configuration Help

Hi @support,

Hope this is not already covered elsewhere (I did a search but didn’t see anything specific).


PC: Intel i7 6700K, 16GB DDR4, ASUS Maxiumus VIII Gene motherboard (latest BIOS), Intel 750 400GB NVMe SSD for OS/Apps, ASUS Dual GTX1060 3GB video (latest driver), Windows 10 Enterprise, on-board Intel I-219V 1Gbe NIC.

Network: ASUS RT-87U router. QNAP HS-251+ NAS - fw 4.3.4 (both on HDPlex 100W LPS).

Music: Stored on public SMB share. PC -> USB -> Curious Cable 1.5M -> Uptone Regen -> Curious Cable Regen Link -> Chord Hugo TT (ASIO 1.04) -> Mundorf Gold/Silver wire w/ Eichmann RCA -> Focal Alpha 65

I saw that the newest Roon iOS app allows the iPhone to become an endpoint. I’ve downloaded and installed it on my iPhone X (iOS 11.2.5). But the Windows PC’s Roon app does not show the iPhone as an available device or zone. Just a networked device (see attached picture).

On the iPhone, I can see the phone itself and I can play to it or the DAC attached to my PC.

Am I misunderstanding that I should be able to select the iPhone X as a zone on my PC’s Roon app and can send the song to the mobile device? Or do I use it as a remote control only. IOW, can I push from the PC or do I pull from the phone.

Both versions of Roon are the latest available.

Thanks in advance.

Hedwig Poon

@Hedwig_Poon1 On your iPhone go into settings, then into audio and you should see your iPhone listed, click on the gears icon and then turn private zone off. By default it is set to private which means it can only be controlled from the device itself.


Thx, @Ratbert! That was exactly it.