Roon iOS remote stuck after upgrading core to 2.0

Hi, my Roon Core has been upgraded to 2.0 (SonicTransporter i9) but I can no longer use my iPhone as a remote. I am stuck in this screen:

Same situation for me on a Nucleus+. The new Roon ARC app works, but only plays on my iPhone.

Check the App Store for updates to the iOS Roon Remote app.

No app updates. My store is from Mexico

I’ve seen a couple of similar reports in which the App Store just wasn’t showing the update. Try completely removing the Roon app, kill and re-start the App Store app, then search for and install Roon Remote again. That may force things on the Apple side to wake up.

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Yes, you’re right. I had to manually force the update. Working now. Thanks!!!

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I had the same problem and found that the app needs to be updated. On that screen you shared, I had to select the App Store icon and update the app from the app store site. However, this was minutes after 2.0 was released and was available for the core prior to the app update. I am not sure if the app would update on it’s own now or not.

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Problem solved - I rebooted the Nucleus+, updated the iOS Roon app and everything works!

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No luck - i reinstalled the Roon Remote - restarted my ipad - just a spinning - ball ; “checking for an update” message.

I can’t use my system at this point…I wish this were QC’d before release.

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